On Wednesdays, We Use Pink Grapefruit Makeup Wipes

On Wednesdays, I'm typically too tired to do anything beyond taking in a little American Horror Story before falling into my bed. These Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towelettes are great for keeping on your nightstand to ensure you'll remove all traces of makeup before turning in for the evening. Best of all? They're a seriously thrifty $6 at 3floz.com. And you can opt for auto replenishment, so you don't have to become a towelette hoarder, like moi. Are you a towelette gal or a full-frontal Continue Reading [...]

On Wednesdays, We Use Pink-packaged Masks From Rodial

Don't be put off by the vaguely "Game Of Thrones" name of Rodial's Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask ($45). It's The Business.After a sunny week in Hawaii, where my over-zealous SPFing caused some clogged pores and then a 10-hour red-eye flight, followed by hectic Fashion Week, my moisture game was not cute, dolls. So when this little pink gem arrived in the mail, along with some other fabulous goodies (like the coconut-flavored Glam Stick in Lust, for instance), I slathered this rejuvenating, brightening Continue Reading [...]

Fictionary: Guerrilla Porefare

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don't exist, but should.Let's discuss pores and their vile, vulgar innards with which we cannot wait to dispense, am I right? I mean, a gal will do anything to be able to launch guerrilla porefare on her face when it's just been too long since she's had a thorough facial. Remember in Orange Is The New Black (I know, I'm so July 2013 even referencing it) when Red says that magical chicken came to her in a dream and she wants some freshly Continue Reading [...]

Glossy, Shiny, Shimmery and Sparkly

By Julia CasellaAs I typed the title to this post I couldn’t help but think of the Seven Dwarfs and how much more fabulous the tale would have been if they were named Glossy, Shinny, Shimmery and Sparkly.  Then again, beauty already causes enough problems in that story so it’s probably better that they had names like Dopey and Sneezy. The point is, all those sound really nice together but I urge you to choose wisely when adopting them into your beauty routine. Being glossy is different from Continue Reading [...]

VIDEO: June Beauty Product Favorites

This is my DEFINITIVE list of things I'm loving for June. Check out the video and list below for where to buy each item.Here's where you can buy all of my June favorites.Aveda Stress Fix Body Lotion ($11)Tarte Maracuja Waterproof Rain Forest Glow Body Perfector ($34)Cargo Lip Gloss in Bourbon Street ($14)Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Night Renewer Gel ($86)32 Breath Treatment Crystals ($36)Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-on Kit ($30) What are your June favorites? Tell me all about 'em below.Like this Continue Reading [...]

Eff Off, AARP. Slash Pass The Avon.

This post is sponsored by Avon, but all opinons are my own. Yesterday was not the best. Some of its gems include: I was at an event yesterday thrown by my friend Yuli (whose wedding I'm attending in Greece next week--YAY for that) and was talking about the festivities when her business partner came over and started asking me all about my impending nuptials... because somehow he'd misheard that we were talking about YULI'S wedding. Whom he works with every day. Did I mention that my birthday is Continue Reading [...]

Skinterrogation: Dr. Neal Schultz On Glycolic Acid

The Skinterrogation column features Q&A seshes with dermatologists, aestheticians and other major movers and shakers in the skin care industry. Dr. Neal Schultz is one of the nicest derms in the business and I can also credit him with helping me get my skin look the best it has in YEARS. The secret? Glycolic acid and lots of it, a shocking diagnosis for this Retin-A loving reviewer. Here, I caught up with the glycolic guru about the benefits of exfoliation, whether you can combine glycolic acid Continue Reading [...]

Fictionary: Stresstival

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don't exist, but should.Different water can mean the difference between phenomenal hair and Vegas hair. It can also be the final nail in the coffin when it comes to my skin, causing a travel-related blemish. I've fine-tuned my travel skin care routine to a science so as to minimize the possibility of flare-ups, opting for a makeup-free flight at all times, and even a little Retin-A so I can exfoliate while I escalate to 40,000 feet. But Continue Reading [...]