New York Dermatology Group Triad Facial Review

Dr. David Colbert–Check his glowing skin!
My name is Amber and I’m a skin care slut.
I’ve been promiscuously using (simultaneously) about 40 skin care brands on my face in the past year. I considered it my job (it is). And then I developed a massively unsexy case of adult acne. So I pulled out the big guns and went in to see derm to the stars Dr. David Colbert at the New York Dermatology Group. The issue, of course, is that many over-the-counter products are designed to alleviate the results of mild irritations and breakouts. They’re basically created to keep gals with perfect skin looking perfect. If you have not-so-perfect skin (as I’ve been having the past EIGHT months)? They’re not going to do jack. So leaping into bed rocking various and sundry potions and lotions does nothing but further eff up my mug.

But dolls, after listening to these stories of cutting-edge technology, top-of-the-line ingredients, and extensive dermatological medical research, I had… hope. Hope that each product would be different. But as we learned  from Morgan Freeman’s character Red in The Shawshank Redemption, “Hope is a dangerous thing.” “Hope,” explained Red, “can drive a man insane.”

He’s right—and dermatologically, I was John Wilkes Boothing my skin. Hope wasn’t doing ANYTHING for me. I was breaking out as a result of all the stuff I was trying. I know this because during my appointment with Dr. Colbert, I had my blood taken (and almost passed out in the manner of a 17th century woman–I’m that squeamish) to make sure it wasn’t hormonal. It wasn’t. Dr. Colbert prescribed getting OFF the sauce–ALL the various and sundry special sauces I was slathering on my face except for the ones he prescribed me and his Colbert MD Daily Nutrition skin care set which includes Stimulate Serum ($135), Nutrify & Protect Day Cream ($95),  Nourish Eye Cream ($110) and Intensify Facial Discs ($52)

He also prescribed me a generic Doxycycline to treat my existing acne, a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash, a 6% hydroquinone cream for my really hot case of melasma I developed after USING SUNSCREEN in Vegas last summer and a topical sulfur-based spot treatment. He then asked if I wanted my skin to look better right now (is that question hypothetical?) to which I answered “OBV.” So he got me an immediate appointment for the clinic’s signature Triad Facial, which my gal Sinead, founder of Beautisol, is obsessed with and her skin is always fascinatingly glowy. The Triad Facial ($600) is a series of microdermabrasian, laser toning and chemical peeling that takes only 30 minutes. The process yielded INSTANT results and I actually left with visibly better skin, a rare occurrence indeed. It’s even proven to be the skin care equivalent of burying the lede, as my skin looked better and better as the week went on.

Colbert MD products are available on Call New York Dermatology Group at (212) 533-8888 to schedule a Triad Facial. New York Dermatology Group is located at 119 Fifth Avenue.

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  3. Brookelyn

    Great post! Hope things with your skin get better. You probably already know this since you’re a beauty blogger and all, but the benzyol peroxide face wash stuff will stain your towels and pillowcase if you don’t get it totally off, and even if you think it is totally off, it might not be. Just thought I’d share that with you- it definitely works, but I ruined a set of towels and pillowcases before I figured out what was going on (duh, I know).


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