Motivate Monday, Because There’s Single-serving Coffee Cake

Fight your sweet-tooth with this single serving cinnamon coffee cake  You're ignoring this machine at the gym and you really shouldn't Kate Young is so cool, and she has a healthy lifestyle to match In honor of Amber's increased travel this past month, here are some plane-friendly snacks   Sip on this cookies and cream recovery smoothie! --Julia Casella Follow Julia on Twitter: @Julia_Casella. Continue Reading [...]

Motivate Monday, Because A Fat-melting Injection May Be Coming To A Needle Near You

A fat-melting injection may be coming to a needle near you It was only a matter of time until Soul Cycle had their own juice. Here it is, and it's delicious Chinese buffets are so yummy and so dangerous. Click here to learn the tricks to keep you happy and healthy Apps keep you skinny Gen lost 111 lbs so you can lose 10, okay? --Julia Casella Follow Julia on Twitter: @Julia_Casella. Continue Reading [...]

Spring Detox: Cleanse Plus

Since completing the Dr.Lipman Be Well Cleanse, Amber has been all about the almond milk, and since I basically do everything she does, I've also been riding the no-dairy train. And the best way to jump on board is to try his amped up Cleanse Plus- a gluten-free/dairy-free dietary reset.. This new version includes glutathione to intensify the detoxification process, and probiotics to supercharge digestive support. Glutathione neutralizes free radicals, has anti-viral properties to boost immunity, Continue Reading [...]

Motivate Monday, Because This Woman Lost 100lbs While Her Husband Was Serving Our Country

Working out with a friend is where it's at! If only that friend could be Brad Pitt.... This woman lost 100 lbs while her husband was in the army! Watch their (skinny) reunion here. My big fat Greek lentil salad. The newest food trends cropping up in the LA food scene. Is it strange that I think grocery hauls are fun to watch? Watch this one and let me know! --Julia Casella Follow Julia on Twitter: @Julia_Casella. Continue Reading [...]

Spring Cleaning: Deep Detox

Spas, the land of fluffy robes, calming music, cucumber water and vibrating disks attached to your body that help you loose weight? Yup! Deep Detox, the latest and greatest offering at Exhale Spa's flagship location is no walk in (Central) park but after the treatment you will emerge, facing the actual park, feeling lighter and refreshed. The 1 hour session is ideal post cardio because it sends your body into fat burning mode by working  your muscles, similarly to strength training. And just Continue Reading [...]

Motivate Monday: 100-Calorie Snacks + More

(FYI Angelica was one of my favorite characters on TV growing up) The 5 Day Kale Challenge isn't some intense juice cleanse where you just have kale. Check it out, it's super easy! It's called " The BEST Ab Routine" and after taking one look at the Tone It Up ladies, you know it must be. Snack time! Hungry Girl has a few less-than-100-calorie snacks you can whip up in minutes! Grab a resistance band and slim your hips with this easy to follow video. --Julia Casella Follow Julia Continue Reading [...]

Make The Most Of Your Sleep This Weekend

So Daylights Savings Time is upon us (we're springing forward on Sunday morning, friends) and every year, I get just a little baby bit of JETLAG from losing an hour. I'm deeply a night person, and am currently trying to train myself to become a morning person (it's a lifelong process, I fear) as after decades of being able to do my best work in the middle of the night, I'm suddenly, bafflingly, incapable of stringing words together in a sentence after the hour of 7pm. So I'm doing everything I can Continue Reading [...]

Motivate Monday, Because Squats Suck, But Are Effective

Skip the squats and tone your tush with these moves A review of some as-seen-on-TV products I'm loving this gif on how to build the perfect smoothie This is kinda like Netflix, but instead of House of Cards, you can stream workout videos. Or watch one and then do it while you devour season 2 of HOC I thought this piece on how your personality affects your weight was really fascinating.  Let me know what type of person you are and if you think they were --Julia Casella Follow Continue Reading [...]

Fictionary: Snatched Body Snatcher

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty- and fitness-related words that don’t exist, but should.       The other day I was getting onto my Flywheel bike for my regularly scheduled Jesse Alexander class when I was about to adjust my bike and EVERY SINGLE ADJUSTMENT WAS EXACTLY PERFECT FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE. The seat height was on 7. It was set back horizontally from the brake at 2, just where I need it. And the handlebars were perfectly aligned for my upper bod. The Continue Reading [...]