Fictionary: Lessbian

Yes, Birks were never the most feminine footwear choice, although they've made a dramatic turnaround this season. What are the odds on that? Then again, what are the odds that Keith Coogan could shake being type-cast as a dork in Adventures in Babysitting to playing a veritable cool-guy stoner Kenny in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead just three years later?

WANT: Loeffler Randall Jude Scallop Sandal


What you need to know is that in 2008, I bought this quietly stunning pair of Enzo Angiolini Hypnotic sandals in bronze and proceeded to wear them OUT. As in, I still own them, but they’re the footwear equivalent of Linus’ blanket. I’ve had them sprayed gold by my cobbler. I’ve had them fixed numerous times. I’ve gone on searches through Internet K-holes of nothing, only to find that the web is still haunted by the ghost of Hypnotics, but they’re available nowhere. I’ve been on a search for something similar in a gold or bronze since and nothing has come close until I found THESE scalloped confections.

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Walgreens P&G Beauty Giveaway + An Interview With Tim Gunn!

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The giveaway items one lucky US winner will get! The latest toothbrush from Oral B, Secret Paris deodorant, my VERY favorite Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over, Head & Shoulders Full & Strong Shampoo/Conditioner. See entry rules at the bottom of this post.

Few things make me spring out of bed on a Saturday at the ripe hour of 7am, but discussing some of my favorite P&G beauty items to hit the market with Under The Gunn/Project Runway’s Tim Gunn is very high on the list. The man is truly a class act. He was everything I thought he’d be and so much more, with that signature formality that is refreshing like cilantro. In fact, I urge you to listen to his recent NPR interview with Terry Gross, which my friend Leah told me to listen to after I’d met the fashion guru. You may not realize that he had quite a difficult adolescence which included a suicide attempt that put him in a hospital for two years. And in a small-world twist of fate? The doctor he credits with staying with him after a few others gave up on him is my cousin’s ex-husband, Phil. Obviously, Carol and I have been obsessed with this news all week (Phil is actually Carol’s cousin’s ex-husband, i.e., my second cousin’s ex-husband and Carol is a giant Tim Gunn fan). We haven’t seen him in years, though he talks to my grandmother regularly and I’m delighted that he had such a profound impact on someone who went on to have an incredible effect on others. Here, Tim’s best tips on fashion, his high and low points working on Project Runway, the trend he’s horrified to see has come back already, and more.  Plus, a giveaway of items to help you look fabulous this spring and save on new must-haves from Olay, Crest, and Head & Shoulders at Walgreens at the end of the post.

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