On Wednesdays, We Use Pink Grapefruit Makeup Wipes

On Wednesdays, I’m typically too tired to do anything beyond taking in a little American Horror Story before falling into my bed. These Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towelettes are great for keeping on your nightstand to ensure you’ll remove all traces of makeup before turning in for the evening. Best of all? They’re a seriously thrifty $6 at 3floz.com. And you can opt for auto replenishment, so you don’t have to become a towelette hoarder, like moi

Are you a towelette gal or a full-frontal face wash person?
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Wipe Out: What’s In My Carry-on Bag For Tahiti

So, the flight to Tahiti is ELEVEN hours in total (not counting our LA layover, or LAyover, as I’ve been referring to it in my head). It’s unlikely that I’ll arrive bright and impossibly fresh after such a long time cooped up on a plane, but I’ll be trying my hardest. I’ve found that the key to cross-world flights are TOWELETTES, and lots of them. My travel bag includes a wide variety of those, and some other gems I’ll need to keep me calm, satiated and rested on my flight. Read on for the full run-down…

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Do You Hoard Towelettes? (I Do.)

Friends, I’m embarrassed to disclose this, but we’re in a safe space. Ready? I totally hoard the hell out of wipes. All of them. It’s such weird behavior.

Like, here’s how it’ll go. I’ll get some new wipes. If I love them, I’ll ration them out over an excruciating period of time as if I were living in WWII. I’ll use one glamazing wipe say, once a week. And then–I’ll NEVER finish the pack. Because I’m acutely aware of exactly how many uses are left. If it were a bottle of shampoo, that’d be much easier for me. One day, it’s the last day of the shampoo and I had no prior notice so I simply deal with it and throw it out. But with wipes? I have heart palpitations that one day I’ll be desperate for a Kate Somerville Somer360 Tanning Towelette ($48/Pack of 8) and I PLUM WON’T HAVE ONE LEFT. And I likely have no back-up for that specific type of wipe in the Sephora that is my apartment. Do you see the severity of the situ?

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