On Wednesdays, We Use Pink Grapefruit Makeup Wipes

On Wednesdays, I’m typically too tired to do anything beyond taking in a little American Horror Story before falling into my bed. These Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towelettes are great for keeping on your nightstand to ensure you’ll remove all traces of makeup before turning in for the evening. Best of all? They’re a seriously thrifty $6 at 3floz.com. And you can opt for auto replenishment, so you don’t have to become a towelette hoarder, like moi

Are you a towelette gal or a full-frontal face wash person?
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ESPA Pink Hair And Scalp Mud Review

If your hair has been THROUGH it, it’s all about this hair and scalp mud from ESPA, purveyors of all things spa for decades and decades.
Once a week, I wet my hair and massage the mask in from scalp to ends, leave it on for 20 minutes and go about my business cleaning out my purse or whatever boring weekend task needs to be tended to. Nourishing apricot kernal leaves my locks looking resuscitated and ravishing. 

It’s a rich, pampering tress treatment AND though it comes in a very Aunt Marie of Breaking Bad fame purple bottle, the product itself is pink for Wednesday. What’s better? Not one thing. 

Buy ESPA Pink Hair And Scalp Mud for $70 at 

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On Wednesdays, We Use Pink-Adorned Pocket Spas

Atomizers and face sprays? I was dubious, to say the least.

First of all, there’s my hair. My straight or wavy style is assassinated with the least bit of moisture. So I avoided sprays like the plague. But then I tried Kelley Quan Pocket Spa ($95). And it’s heavenly, friends. It releases a super-fine mist (you could call it the Henry Cavill of mists – it’s that super-fine) of either water or floral hydrants that feels chilly and soothing on the face and immediately hydrates skin. Running on AAA batteries, the Pocket Spa’s mist is set to a timer that will turn off when the cycle is complete. The best part? Because this mist is so fine, and, well, not WET, it refreshes skin without disturbing in the least your makeup handiwork.

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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink-packaged Body Souffle

This post is sponsored by Avon, but all opinions herein are my own.

If this lacy-racy jar of skin-smoothing softly scented MADNESS isn’t EXACTLY what Will & Grace‘s Karen Walker would wear when she’s masquerading about town as Anastasia Beaverhausen, then I don’t know what is. It’s a fruity scent with the gravitas of sultry amber that evokes all the cunning sexiness of this fictional character’s channeling of her very own fictional character. Too much? Well, so is Anastasia Beaverhausen. Behold: 

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On Wednesdays, We Wear Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope In Private Party

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in Private Party

Princess of pigment Poppy King has brought lipwear to a new level with her latest Lipstick Queen collection, Velvet Rope. Taking a cue from certain high-end designers leaping into the high-end lipstick world, King serves up a beautiful lipstick with all the ’40s glamour of a vintage iteration, with all the hydration of a modern one. Says King, “’40s products were female, not girly.” Keeping that in mind, she drew inspiration from the clean product architecture of the era for her Velvet Rope gold magnet encased creations. 

One of the things I love about King, and with which I totally identify, is that she has a near time traveler’s love of the 1940s and adheres to its aesthetic entirely (my fascination with the late ’50s/early ’60s is similar). Lipstick was THE THING in the ’40s. Check out this old photo of my grandmother, Natalie Adler, on the phone during her engagement party in 1943. She is impossibly glamorous and I have NEVER seen her without her lipstick on. She even had a dog years ago who knew he was going to get to go out when she pulled it out of a drawer by the foyer and applied it. 

In the photo, she’s wearing a near-identical hue to Private Party, a vibrant pink while maintaining that quiet out-of-circulation hue of eras past with a subtle sheen and a silken feel and lightweight that belies its retro inspiration. It truly feels like a balm going on, while bringing matte A-game with mega pigment.

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On Wednesdays, We Don Pink Lip Shine

In one of those unique cosmetics coups that only =&0=& can induce, my new go-to lip look is exclusively =&1=&. Always sublime, never ridiculous, this hydrating shiny balm boasts gloss properties, but without the stickiness or early aughts icky gleam but with all of the blue-pink realness you need in your lifestyle.
RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Sublime retails for $25 at amazon.com.
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On Wednesdays, We Use Pink Blow-Dryers

Farouk Systems (makers of CHI) laucnhed a new Bright Pink CHI Touch Blow Dryer in support of Bright Pink Non-Profit and their mission for a brighter future for young women advocating their breast and ovarian health. Did I mention it’s PINK? 

The 1875-watt dryer boasts Apple-level technology, thanks to its touch screen control panel. It offers three power settings, three ion settings and three temperature settings for a bespoke blow-out customized for your hair–it reduces static, eliminates frizz and rehydrates your locks. (It even remembers the last settings you used.) It’s even incredibly quiet and tames frizz like a boss. Its rubber finish gives it a non-slip grip and makes it comfortable to hold.
The Bright Pink version will be available in September at professional distributors and fine salons including Ulta, Beauty Brands and Regis for $200. 
Would you buy a neon pink dryer?

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