Anti-Aging Ammo: Lip Balm and SPF for Face in One

Okay, so a friend of mine remarked to me about how OLD another friend of mine was looking lately (whom the former hadn’t seen in about ten years.) The friend in question suns the HELL out of herself and even fake bakes on a regular basis. I had been trying to stay out of the sun, but I would still allow myself a real tan if I go on vacation or am at a beach for the weekend. No more, girls. Not after I realized that this friend of mine HAD aged more than she’d needed to. And it’s all because she doesn’t use enough SPF. I’d been using SPF 15 but I’ve recently kicked it up to 40 on my face and 30 on my bod. My fave facial sunscreen of late is LUMENE SUN ON THE GO
Protective Sun Care For Face & Lips SPF 40

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Non-Boring Hand Soap: Kiss My Face Organic Self Foaming Liquid Soap in Grapefruit & Bergamot

Kiss My Face Self Foaming Liquid Soap in Grapefruit & Bergamot ($7) has revolutionized my hand-washing experience. It was originally discovered by mother, and once I tried it out at my parents’ house, I HAD to have it the next day. The brisk citrus scent is so refreshing and the foam makes me feel like I’m getting down to business about removing dirt and germs.

Ish Don’t Think So: Gwyneth’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover

Just… no. The subscriber’s cover of Harper’s Bazaar featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, is not doing it for me. Do I love her hair and makeup? Yes. I don’t, however, love that she’s wearing a SHIRT sans pants. Look, Gwyn’s got gorge gams… let’s all just pause and appreciate that. But I can SEE her tush cheeks and that is just not okay.

I love a short dress. In fact, the whole of my 18th year was spent in teeny tiny ones, along with shorts with no longer than a 2″ inseam. But even then, I made sure nothing important was “peeking out.” I’d love to see Gywneth’s dress with just an additional inch or two.

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Prescriptives Daring Fall 2008 Collection

Check it out, gals. Prescriptives has announced their new Fall collection and it looks FAB. I’m loving the Plum Sparks (LE!) Eye Pencil and the Sparkling Rose Fall Dimensions Eye Color Quad.

Here’s what the entire collection includes:

NEW! Fall Dimensions Eye Color Quad- Limited Edition: This specially designed multi-dimensional compact is available in each of Prescriptives’ four Color Families. These pre-filled palettes contain a selection of trendy shades to create a natural, intensified or dramatic look. Each shadow is embossed with a unique design.

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Weekend Beauty Reads from the Beauty Blog Network!

The Daily Cookie shows you how to get stick-straight hair with the Corioliss Pro Flat Iron – complete with before and after photos!

Roselyn from Makeup Makes Me Happy™ tries out the new Physician’s Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear™ Loose Powder. Check out what her thoughts were!

StyleBell reviews the new line of hair care products by Kate Hudson and David Babaii, David Babaii for Wild Aid. Check out how it rates!

A Touch of Blusher adores this face wash!

The Makeup Divas reviews the new Bobbi Brown Pink Collection along with pictures and swatches.

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Lancôme to Launch New Vibrating Brush Mascara This Fall

This fall, Lancôme will be launching Ôscillation, a mascara that provides a 360-degree coat around each and every lash. The vibrating brush provides no fewer than 7,000 vibrations per minute for the perfect formula application. Ôscillation has four patents for technology and formula and was created by a team led by Jean-Louis Guéret, the designer of all Lancôme mascara brushes. The King of Mascara, Guéret has been the father of nearly 400 mascaras during his illustrious career.

I’m so looking forward to this one, friends. Lancôme mascaras are my absolute FAVE.

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