I am Delinquent as HECK

And I apologize. It seems it's one of those days when I can only communicate via bullet points:*I promise to post pictures, reviews, LOST recaps and miscellaneous thoughts this week. BT dubs, I watched both episodes this weekend, finally and? I'm not quite sure I even have anything to SAY about the Desmond episode. I'm still trying to understand it. *Can you believe I didn't have time to buy one Ahava product? I did, however have time to apply a mud body-mask and then float in the dead sea. Continue Reading [...]

I Think This Says it All

You can take the girl out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the girl. This is yours truly applying makeup (aka dirt) from an enormous crater mid-hike in Israel’s Negev.

EDIT: BT dubs, Carol has now seen the video. Ironically, she had no idea why I thought she wouldn’t BELIEVE what I was doing. I was like, “Carol. I was applying MAKEUP FROM A CRATER. How could you have believed that in a world, ever?” Too funny. I guess she’s seen stranger things in her day.

I’m Back, Been Around the World

Oh, HI! Just wanted to update you that Israel was nothing short of spectacular, met so many fascinating, great people without whom I can barely live one day, bought some super cool Israeli fashions as per the plan, spent far too many sheckles and toured the most amazing sites from Jersualem to the Negev. Will post pictures and will share more about it when I’m not drowning in work and jetlag.

Love ya, mean it!


I am pretty sure this will be my last post before leaving on vaca to Israel so I wanted to say I'll miss you for the two weeks I'll be gone, as I won't have ANY internet access to update you guys of important happenings. *I will be missing the first two episodes of LOST (this hurts me SO much) but lest you worry, I WILL provide recaps immediately upon my return. So stay tuned. *I hope to buy some superfantastic Israeli fashion. *On my itinerary is STAYING IN A TENT one night. They think I'm Continue Reading [...]

Not so Worthy of a Crown: Queen Helene

Hello, all and welcome to February, my least favorite month of the year. The weather is terrible, the mandate of Hallmark is so caustically taunting you, WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE 14TH until the 15th, when it follows up in a most corporate-did-you-drop-the-ball manner, WHAT DID YOU DO ON THE 14TH? Side story: I saw this gentleman in his 40s on the subway a few days ago filling out 3 gaudy, enormous Valentine's Day cards none of which were platonic. P.S. he had a wedding band on. Okay? Anyway, Your Continue Reading [...]

Kerastase is the Conditioner of Gods

My hair was in SUCH a state yesterday that I could barely function in the world. It was so bad that I was endlessly jealous of everyone in my line of vision: women on the subway, coworkers, friends of mine, pedestrians. So I spent $130 on products (a magnum of Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Curl Crème and a bottle of Kerastase Masquintense) to make my haystack of a mane look less so, at least until I can score an Amy appointment at Bumble. I'm happy to say that after one application of Kerastase Continue Reading [...]

Israel and Velcro Rollers

Last week was INSANELY busy for the fabulista, I apologize about the lack of posts. HUGE problem in my lifestyle right now: my stylist, Amy, is not taking appointments this week because she's working fashion week so I can't get my beyond dead ends cut before leaving for the Middle East. There is not enough oil (hot or otherwise) even in the MIDDLE EAST to hydrate the nappy state of my ends, so this is not good news at all. And you KNOW I can't just go to someone new, because I'll surely end up Continue Reading [...]

DERMAdoctor KP Duty: Your Antidote to "Arm Disease"

I was waiting for a review from J, my roommate for this as I am not afflicted with "arm disease", but a lot of people I know are. Rather than deny the public of this fantastic panacea, I figured I'll just review it myself as I know the result: no more chicken-y red arm bumps. And it comes in THE most adorable packaging, which as you know, is half the appeal. Continue Reading [...]

Not Without My MBTs

It appears impulse shopping runs in the family. This summer, my parents visited NYC for the weekend and after being dragged into a shoe store by mom, it was my FATHER who emerged the victor: he bought a pair of $250 MBT sneakers. My mother left the store empty handed. Of course, later that night over a meal at Sushi Samba, I noticed he was wearing them, and I immediately had to know ALL about them. I'd been lusting after MBTs after seeing them featured in the Bliss catalogue. FYI: The Bliss catalogue Continue Reading [...]