Carol’s Column: Cult of Calendula

By Carol (my mother)

Marigolds are on my mind. Particularly pot marigolds. Truth to tell, they’ve never been among my favorite flowers though they have a definite appeal. They’re undeniably cheery in an explicit sort of way. However, despite their showy golden hue, there is nothing shallow about them. These are hard working, purposeful plants. Their Latin name is Calendula officinalis. Calendula has been hailed as a healer for ages by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Indians.

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Channeling a Look: Gossip Girl’s Serena Van Der Woodsen

I mean, my girlcrush on Gossip Girl‘s Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) has nearly eclipsed the one I’d had previously on Becki Newton (who plays Ugly Betty‘s Amanda Tannen/Sommers). I mean, LOOK at Serena’s hair. Just look. It’s kind of incred, n’est-ce pas? In fact, I’ve never been as flattered as I was when I read this post my beautiful friend Erika wrote comparing YOURS TRULY with THE Serena. Van. Der. Woodsen. I’m preening as I TYPE. Seriously.

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Through July 31st, Salon & Spa Chinois is offering half off on all services exclusively on Lifebooker. Visit Yan Chia and the other renowned stylists and aestheticians at this two-story oasis in the middle of the Manhattan.

Bikini Waxing, usually $45, is now $22.50.
Woman’s Haircut & Styling, usually $75, is now $37.50.
Reflexology Massage, usually $65, is now $32.50.
Spa Chinois Couture Facial, usually $120, is now $60.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusives: July 18-August 3

Last week was a whirlwind of events including a lunchtime preview of the Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusives event. In case you aren’t familiar with this concept – every year in July, Nordstrom has their big 2 week-long Anniversary Sale. Since beauty never goes on sale, instead the brands come up with unique limited-edition items available exclusively during this anniversary period at Nordstrom stores and online. This year’s beauty exclusives include brands such as MAC, Chanel, T3, Dior, Laura Mercier, Philosophy, Marc Jacobs, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Lancome, and Estee Lauder, to name a few. Over 100 brands are participating.

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Legally Pink Pedicure Party at Dashing Diva

This NYC events sounds super fun, gals. I’ll so be there.

Who: Dashing Diva and the female cast of Legally Blonde the Musical, including lead actress Laura Bell Bundy
When: Thursday June 26th 4-6pm
Where: Dashing Diva nail spa, 149 3rd Avenue, between 14th & 15th Street
Why: Customers are invited to hang out with the female cast members and compete in the Bend & Snap competition.

Bend & Snap Competition

The female cast members from Legally Blonde will be judging the best Bend & Snap move with prizes going to the first THREE winners: 1st prize wins a pair of 2 tickets to the hit Broadway musical, Gift Certificate for one Elle of a Pedicure, and a gift bag with Dashing Diva and Legally Blonde musical goodies; 2nd prize wins a pedicure and goodie bag; and 3rd prize wins a stuffed goodie bag.

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Clinique Insiders Club

Fun news from Clinique, girls! Clinique will be selecting 20 women to be “Clinique Insiders.” As “Insiders,” the women will get an exclusive sneak peek at the latest Clinique Skincare, and Makeup products and will have the opportunity to give product reviews and opinions which will be seen, heard and read on Insiders will also have access to special upcoming events and will receive a special welcome kit which includes full-size Clinique products and a Flip Video digital camcorder! Sounds fun, right? Interested candidates can apply here.

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Strictly Volume

Hey, gals!

I just got back from my friend Bonnie’s wedding in DC, an automobile ride (from DC to Philly) and a train (Am(b)trak – Philly to NYC) ride later. I had a phenom time with my high school gals, Lee, Ang, and AlliSAN at the wedding. Storytime: I once convinced an entire high school house party that my friend Allison is half Japanese (she very clearly is NOT – she’s of Swedish decent, mmkay?) and that they must call her AlliSAN and bow their heads when addressing her out of respect. Anywho, AlliSAN now is a mother of two and lives in NEBRASKA so it had been a full five years since I’d seen her! It was great to catch up.

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Weekend Beauty Reads from The Beauty Blog Network

Beauties, I’m off to Pastel and Pearl Country, (as my friend Jammahs refers to DC) for the weekend to attend my friend Bonnie’s wedding! Until Sunday, keep busy reading my fellow beauty buffs’ best posts of the week:

Raging Rouge kicks off the summer season with an introduction to the current sun protection debate: should you use physical or chemical sunscreen?

A Touch of Blusher loves YSL’s fall 2008 makeup collection.

Roselyn from Makeup Makes Me Happy™ is this week’s lady in red! In this lovely makeup tutorial, she’ll show you the best way to strut sexy red lips this summer!.

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