Don’t Be Paparazzi’d Without It: L’Oreal Infallible Lipgloss

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more annoying than finding out about this when I purchased MY iPhone on MAY 26th. Oh wait, there is. Lipgloss that disintegrates within minutes of application during a weekend positively teeming with paparazzi moments.

But luckily, I got the memo to pack my L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss in Bloom in my teeny tiny clutch and that is why my lips look fly in the above pic, taken at the rehearsal dins last Thursday. The formula is perfection. It lasts not quite the eight hours it claims to on the bottle, but I’ll say with full conviction that it lasts about five… still a feat worth a parade, IMO. It manages to hydrate lips for a smooth, even finish. But my fave part of the gloss is the triangular enormous spongey applicator. It’s so large, yet easy to contour. I’ll bet Angelina Jolie loves the surface area she can cover in mere seconds with this baby. It’s only $10 in drugstores. What’s better? Not one thing.

Photo credit: Beauty Blogging Junkie,

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Wedding Makeup Courtesy of Three Custom Color

I’m on the left – notice the Flamenco Dancer slash Malibu Barbie ‘do. Next to me are Dana and Tiff. I used my new custom grey shadow, custom brow gel, and Three Custom Color Watercolours for Cheeks in Pink Hyacinth.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to the Three Custom Color Specialists office in New York to have my “colors done.” It sounds very Bridget Jones’ mother, but in fact, it’s the OPPOSITE of matronly. The fantastic Chad Hayduk met with me and gave me a tour of the place which includes a makeup lab and a counter of “ready to wear” makeup items. Both Chad and one of the other founders, Trae, are makeup artists. The best part about Three Custom? Well, remember I told you about the more-than-a-decade-old Clinique Lim Edish Metallic Pewter Palette I’ve been toting around since the ’90s? Their marketer, a doll named Tess, heard my plea and invited me to have them CREATE ME A NEW ONE. Can you even? (I can’t.) They got it EXACTLY right, girls. It’s the heat, as my friends at Fashion Binge say. And thank goodness, because I had to hold my breath when I allowed Chad to scrape out all the remaining shadow with a tiny baby spatula so he could make a new one. Just an FYI – it’s easiest for them to create a new makeup item when you have at least a dime-sized amount left. They create EVERYTHING there except for nail polish. Discontinued lipstick you’re dying to try but found in your grandmother’s attic? Done. Limited Edition item you’ve been holding on to since the Reagan administration? No prob. Have an old Maybelline Kissing Coolers lying around since Duran Duran was something “the kids were listening to?” It’s no match for Chad. My new shadow is in a large compact with a huge mirror (my fave thing) and Chad even provided me with two bronze shadows – one lighter, one darker – to encourage me to wear warmer shadow tones, which I’ve been doing.

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Maria’s Mousse

Remember I told you about my friend Maria’s PHENOM curls (pictured, left)?

In true Latin Lovah fashion, she got the look with Marc Anthony (not the singer, though!) Strictly Curls Volumizing Styling Foam Mousse ($8). For Island Maria hair, apply a huge amount – a strange amount if you’re in humid climes – to wet-to-damp hair and either allow to air-dry or blow-dry with a diffuser. This stuff is non-crispy, but still provides definition. Love the results AND the price tag.

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My fab friend Dina tagged me to answer six questions about myself, abiding by these rules:

Post rules at the beginning of the post. Answer all the questions. Tag 6 people,
go to their blog and leave a comment to inform them that they’ve been tagged and
asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve
posted your answer.

1. What were you doing ten years ago? Graduating from high school, living on fat free Entenmann’s Marshmallow Devil’s Food Cake and Wow potato chips, and counting the minutes until I left for school at BU.

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Elemis SpaPod Special

For the month of June on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, customers will be able to book 2 SpaPods for the price of 1.

Both men and women can enjoy the Elemis spa experience in the convenience of the department store.

It is a total skin and body rejuvenation in a half hour without having to undress.

Choose from 5 different 30 minute Power Booster Facials (depending on your lifestyle and skin type) while experiencing a customized massage in the Intelligent Massage Chair.

Afterward, you can pop by your favorite makeup counter for a touch up (or head upstairs for some shopping)!

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Back from the Bahamas!

Oh, hey girls!

I missed you so; let’s never be separated AGAIN. The Bahamavention and the wedding were both EPIC. As was the birthday. I celebrated about five times thus far AND I’m having a party on Thursday. I don’t think I celebrated this much at my college graduation.

The entire experience was very “Spring Break” as many of the wedding guests are friends. Amber, the bride, looked GORGE with her updo and her chic-as-hell Monique L’huillier gown.

On Friday, the day before my birthday, Stephanie, Dana and I were on the lazy river at the Atlantis from 10am-6pm. Have you been? It’s SUPERFUN. We did the waterslides, tubed over rapids, it was glorious. Luckily, in order to avoid a tomato complexion, I’d packed my Philosophy Shelter SPF 30 for Face and Body and had just exactly enough to last my entire trip. I am sunkissed without being burnt despite hours of sunning. Love this stuff. Then, on Friday night, the trio (Stephanie, Dana, and I) headed to Carmine’s for dinner where I was totes shocked when our waiter came out with a piece of tiramisu post-dins in addition to a Bahamian singer. Now, she happens to work at the restaurant, but she has a voice that’s MADE for Broadway. She serenaded yours truly with “Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong.” Try to imagine the awkwardness. Gorge song… but wholely inapprop for a birthday, n’est-ce pas? And yet, totally hilar.

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Weekend Beauty Reads from the Beauty Blog Network!

Just in time! Here you go, dolls… the best reads of this week from the Beauty Blog Network.

Lilan from The Daily Cookie gets the low-down on Nordstrom Beauty Director Joelle Russo’s Dior must-haves for your makeup bag.

Raging Rouge is totally stumped about what to buy Dad, until she stumbles upon these perfect Father’s Day Gifts.

A Touch of Blusher‘s guest reviewer reports on the new Thierry Mugler makeup line.

The Beauty of Life bares it all with Bobbi Brown’s new Yogi Bare Lip Balm!

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Check Out "The Beauty Department," Lucky Magazine’s Beauty Blog

Lucky magazine’s beauty blog, “The Beauty Department,” has started linking to BBJ! I’m tres excited because I’ve been loving their blog since its inception. Jean, Cristina, Cat, and Dawn provide smart and hilarious daily beauty coverage. If you haven’t already, go on over there and check it out.

Click here to enter Total Beauty‘s contest to win a Saturn Vue Hybrid.

La Mer Donates $100,000 to Support Ocean Conservation

In celebration of La Mer’s sea heritage and dedication to preserving the beauty of the oceans, this month La Mer will donate $100,000 to Oceana to help fund global initiatives and support their mission of ocean conservation.

Oceana, the largest international ocean advocacy group. Oceana’s lead spokespeople include Ted Danson, Amber Valletta and Sam Waterston. With La Mer’s donation, Oceana will be able to increase research voyages on their Ketch catamaran, Ranger, and better patrol, document, and fight destruction of the ocean’s unique ecosystem.

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Summerfy Your Makeup Bag

Yes, you can use these items any time of year, but I find bright, colorful mascaras and dewey creme blushes and bronzers add a little something, especially in the summer. In fact, all three of these items have made their way into my packed-to-the-gills Bahamas bag.

Redpoint Airbrush Effects BlushWhip in Glow ($28) is hands down, THE BEST CREME BLUSH I’ve ever tried. Not to be dramatic? But it’s a gift. A GIFT. An HG blush. Its consistency, a creme-to-gel, hydrates and firms while imparting the most divine glow. Light diffusing pigments create a flawless looking complexion. Dermaxyl has been added to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all? It’s very easy to blend. I LURVE this stuff.

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