David Babaii for WildAid

In a world where SO MANY things are disappointing, I am thrilled to report that I love David Babaii for WildAid Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner just as much as I’d hoped I would.

Longtime readers know about my girl crush on Kate Hudson, and how phenom I find her hair, her makeup, and her general lifestyle (I’m loving the Lance Armstrong arm candy of late, Kate!). I’m currently abstaining from shampoos and conditioners with sulfates since re-instituting my highlights as of April, so I was all the more excited about the products Kate and David created – they’re free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals and animal products.

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"By All Means, Move at a Glacial Pace…"

“You know how that thrills me.”–Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

Well, moving at a glacial pace certainly doesn’t thrill me either. Miranda and I have that in common. I rarely leave NYC for more than a four-day span because I find the efficiency level plummets by at least 50% the minute I leave the island. That’s why I truncate most of my vocabulary, BT dubs. It’s simply more effish. You should try it (if you haven’t already.) But a glacial mud mask? That’s another story.

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Can’t Get Enough American Apparel

This weekend I spent far too much money at American Apparel. Their stuff is SO useful, that it’s hard to feel guilty (despite my inherent Jewish-ness). I know I’ll live in every single thing I bought. Check it:

Sleeveless Tri-Blend Pleated Pocket Dress ($36) I’m going to pack this on every weekend getaway I take this summer. It’s lightweight, totes flattering, and comes in my fave color, grey. I like that it’s classified as a dress, but it’s so casual in its gym class heathered grey coloring that it can’t be taken too seriously.

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Orange you Glad…

My friend Stephanie and I decided, apropos of nothing, that it would be SUPER to hit up Houston’s for an early bird special (5pm, dolls) have two glasses of wine there, and then hit up Cibar and Olives at the Union Square W Hotel for champagne last night. You know, just ’cause. Needless to say, I’m not feeling so spry this Monday morning. When I’m feeling depleted vitamin-wise, and like I’m positively made of Prosecco, I bust out all of my citrus products. Somehow, they make me feel detoxed and ready to face the week. Read on for my faves.

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An "Elle of a Pedicure"

On Friday, I headed to my fave pink pedicure place, Dashing Diva for their signature “Elle of a pedicure.” It starts with a pink JellyBath containing the Legally Pink Elixir with pure Ylang-Ylang. The JellyBath feels somewhat like dipping your feet in steamy water with floating pieces of jello that adhere to your skin in moisturizing little beads. It sounds kind of vile, but I promise you, it’s quite the opposite. Then, your legs and feet are scrubbed down with Legally Pink Summer Scrub before being washed off again in the tub. A cotton candy mask is applied to legs and feet and is left to set for a few minutes (they wrap your legs in plastic bags for this) before being washed off as well. Feet will be tickled-pink after a 10-minute foot and lower leg massage with a moisturizing Elle of a Body Butter. Toes are completed with a perfect polish of bold Blond Pink nail color, or choose from over 150 shades of Dashing Diva colors. A bit steep at $65 (I can score a pedi in NYC for $10), but worth it as a treat.

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Highlights at Hiro Haraguchi

There’s something to be said for having a colorist who’s blonde herself doing your highlights. They GET it. I went back to the fabulous flaxen-haired Jane at Hiro Haraguchi (Jane did a gloss for me the last time.) This time, I went in for a partial ‘lights sesh, a gloss AND a blow-dry with Ronnie. I sometimes get nervous about a coloring session with someone new, but I knew that would not be the case with Jane, as she is psychic when it comes to strands. I simply asked for a “roots refresher,” maintaining the same color that was growing out, but lightened up a notch for summer. Jane delivered, and I am LOVING my new sunny Kate Hudson-eque locks.

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