Jocks, Rappers and Teen Queens: Vitaminwater’s Best of New York Party

EPIC night, girls. I was invited to the press area of the red carpet for last night’s Best of New York party hosted by vitaminwater. This event drew in the best of all worlds, dolls: rappers, athletes, and teen queens. Does it get any better? (No, it plum doesn’t.) My friend slash entertainment editor, Lauren, accompanied me in the paparazzi stand where I took photos with my lame Canon amongst real photogs with like, lenses and stuff, exchanged surreptitious OMG commentary with Lauren in between furiously shooting, and trying to get a hold of myself. The highlights from Lauren’s notes:

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Volcanic Ash: So Hot Right Now

Dolls, the title is courtesy of Zoolander‘s Mugatu, obv.

Have you noticed that volcanic ash has been popping up left and right as a hot new ingredient in beauty?

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator ($19): This hot little number (it’s sold out currently, but I STILL had to tell you about it in the hopes that you’ll check it out once MAC replenishes their stock) is from their Future Earth collection. It’s the color of soot so it could potentially stain a white washcloth, so I’d use a colored one for removal. I used it this weekend after a heavy-handed bad facial application of Darphin Self Tanning Face & Body Tinted Cream. P.S., the aforementioned self-tanner is PHENOM, I assure you. Every other time I’ve used it, the results have wowed me. This time was entirely my fault: I’d slathered on far too much, didn’t rub it in well and awoke to a splotchy mess. Totes my fault. I’ll provide more detail about that self-tanner and others next week during Glow-y Days Week. Anyway, one quick scrub with this exfoliator and all traces of streaks were GONE and I was left with the facial equivalent of tabula rasa. Its fine sugar crystals buff away surface gunk while its minerals work hard to absorb skin’s natural oils.

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L’Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer Oil-Free Lotion

L’Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer Oil-Free Lotion ($26) is THE best drugstore moisturizer I’ve tried to-date. It’s mildly luminescent for skin-brightening and is absorbed instantly. It’s formulated with patented Pro-Xylane, an exclusive L’Oréal molecule seven years in the making that strengthens skin and reignites cell activity layers. Somehow, it manages to walk that fine line between keeping my skin shine-free, yet moisturized with subtle shimmer. I typically have a promiscuous lack of brand loyalty especially in the moisturizer department… but I’ve been rocking L’Oreal Skin Genesis consistently since I busted it out a couple of months ago. The best part is its Space Odyssey 2001-style monolith pump-top packaging. It appeals to my sci-fi side and to my germaphobe side. Genius.

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Cosmetic Bag for Maximalists

I am not a minimalist. I pack far too much makeup when I vacation. I mean, what if I suddenly decide on a smoky eye moment? What if I waver and MUST have a lined eye à la Marilyn? I need to prepare for EVERY possible situation and the enormous Centennial Stripe Beauty Train Case ($65) from Henri Bendel caters to my every overpacking whim perfectly. I’m loving its durable vinyl casing and removable zippered cosmetic pouch. Also great for those girlfriend getaways when you know you’ll be recruited to do everyone’s makeup pre-going out. You can store colors for everyone – your dusky brunette friend, your preppy blonde pal, and your Jessica Rabbit redhead partner-in-crime.

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Beth from Beauty Junkie in SF found the HOTTEST nail polish for summer toes… and fingers too if you’re up to it.

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Come ON, Aussie.

I love Aussie products. In fact, they were the first hair care products this beauty junkie purchased herself. I spent a good portion of the 90s smelling of the grape juice-like scent of their Sprunch Spray. But when their new conditioner Opposites Attract Protect + Soften Conditioner arrived on my doorstep, I was kind of… disturbed by its marketing. You see, on the bottle, it says, “It’s the reason you’ve dated a chain of Mr. Wrongs. Now watch as healthy, touchable hair lures many Mr. Rights.” It’s clever, I’ll give them that. But I know that none of my relationships failed because of my hair. In the words of Bruno of Da Ali G Show, Ish don’t think so, Aussie.

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Weekly Phenom List: 2nd Week of July

MAC Lipglass in Soft & Slow ($14 – second gloss in from the right) is from their Neo Sci-Fi collection. Get on that shiz, because it’s limited edish. Limited Edish items are totally the cosmetic equivalent of a vacation tryst. My friend Stephanie got hooked on this stuff when I brought it to the Bahamas . She wound up scoring her own within hours of our return to New York. The nudish pink hue is universally flattering. And because it’s MAC, you know it’s super-glossy and vanilla-flavored.

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80s Ladies Week: NARS Nail Polish in Arabesque is Truly Outrageous

The inspiration for today’s post? 80s cartoon-inspired doll Jem. Jem rocked sparkly pink like no other. That’s why she came to mind INSTANTLY when I first received my bottle of NARS nail polish in Arabesque.

NARS Nail Polish in Arabesque ($16) is gorge, flirty pink fun. It’s a sheer pink base with rounded, ruffle-cut pink glitter floating in it. It’s a bit too sheer for me to wear by itself, so I pair it with a more opaque pink, like Essie Mademoiselle.

Wouldn’t Jerrica wear this on a date with Rio (yes, you remember correctly. He did have purple hair.)?

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Eyes by Design Airing on HSN Tonight and Tomorrow

Tune into HSN this week to learn about a new, first-to-market prestige cosmetics and treatment line created exclusively for the eyes that I am LOVING called Eyes by Design. Eyes by Design is a new everything-eyes-focused brand that provides step-by-step guidance on how to play up your peepers and become your own eye expert. Their Transforming Eye Palettes (they come in shades corresponding to your own eye color – brown, blue, green, and hazel) make it easy for makeup novices (or those who are just out of practice – or in a makeup rut, namely ME) to create several wearable looks (with varying degrees of formality) in an instant. The brand launched this month exclusively on HSN and

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