I Don’t Do Pot.

I simply can't deal with the "messy on my finger" thing that happens with glosses and balms that live in a pot. Can we not agree as a people in 2007 that anything other than a tube is ridiculous? I mean, technology exists for a reason, even in the realm of beauty. For that reason, I can BARELY use my Smith's Rosebud Salve (obv, I received it as a gift, I would never buy it because I'm still waiting for them to present it to me in a TUBE). I keep it at work (the mark of a C list beauty prod, in Continue Reading [...]

"These violent delights have violent ends . . ."–William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

I can't believe LOSTPEDIA hasn't covered this yet. The Nikki and Paolo episode was SO reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. The similarities: The "fake death" and subsequent burial that eventually segued into a real death. (Not 100% sure that Nikki won't be able to escape from her "being buried alive" situation, but am fairly certain because I KNOW those two were NOT fan faves). Their circumstances are also very R & J: two "star-crossed" lovers who are together in secret. Dr. Arzt is SO the apothacary, Continue Reading [...]


I just checked NYTimes.com, and after weeks of Maureen Dowd being “on leave” it now says that she’s plum OFF today. I can’t LIVE without Maureen. It’s been WEEKS. I am seriously about to have a “Rain Man”-style reaction if she’s not back soon. Like, when he can’t watch the Wapner. I’m being for REAL.

Nars Night Fairy

If you're in the market for eye shadow (and I’m most certainly NOT because I have more than any one human should own), get yourself to Sephora and park it in front of the Nars section. Done. I used to subscribe to the theory that MAC makes the best shadow--the array of colors, the stay power, the arts and crafts aspect of it all (MAC products are kind of like art supplies, like pastels and paints, don’t you think?) and then I was introduced to Nars and I fell in LURVE. I haven't strayed since. Continue Reading [...]

Just a Sample of How Many Prods I use in One Night

Okay, someone commented on my luminous skin this weekend, and naturally, after totally preening and delighting in this news, I had to post a blog about it. I mean, let's be serious. Although I have to admit, today IS the 26th of WHEN IS COLUMBIA GOING TO TELL ME THEIR DECISION and I totally have a zit over it, so I'm not sure how anyone is commenting on the clarity of my SKIN. But regardless. Let's just take the compliment and explain how it is that I have such luminous skin of late, mmkay?I actually Continue Reading [...]

Be a Marilyn, Not a Jackie.

In all aspects of life. My enorm ceramic round brush BROKE mid-blow dry this weekend and as such, I was forced to purchase a new one. So I went to this beauty supply store downtown in the Financial District near work yesterday to choose a new one and they plum didn't have the same kind I used to use, nor did they have an ENORMOUS one as I require. This upset me very, very much. THEN, I noticed that they carry the Marilyn brush, which I'd seen my stylist, Amy use on me before (and obv, I was quite Continue Reading [...]

The Meredith Factor

I've never said this out loud before, but I LOATHE Meredith Grey. I think she's one of the most irritating characters on television. I so vastly prefer… every single other character on the show. Izzy rocks the funk, as does Christina, as does Addison Montgomery. My friend S and I discussed this via email at length recently, and she fully agrees. Her mother even nailed it on the head: Meredith is a totally weak person. Then, my friends D, L and J analyzed the hell out of the situation at dinner Continue Reading [...]

Authenticity is Key Plus a LOST Recap

I think something happens in your mid-late 20s where you just want to cut all the bullshit and start being YOU. You all over the place. Every facet of you. I used to be so embarrassed that my parents were so unabashedly THEM in public… and now I get it. It's stupid to thoroughly think through every single thing that comes out of your mouth the way I used to, not even very long ago. It's ridiculous! What a colossal waste of time. This even extends into the beauty arena. All my life I've Continue Reading [...]

How am I Supposed to Have a Good WEDNESDAY

When Maureen Dowd is on vacation? UGH. Next thing you know, LOST will be cancelled this week. BT dubs, can we talk about LOST a little baby second? Why is it so SLOW of late? Save for the last episode and the first ep of the 2nd part of the season, I get the distinct feeling that the writers have decided to extend their original idea of 6 seasons of fame so they can all ride out their glory to the bitter end. I mean, the end, nor the beginning, nor the middle could EVER be bitter, but I'm Continue Reading [...]