Weekly Phenom List

Knot Heads ($10 for a set of six short ones) The one caveat: they take a bit of practice to learn how to use. At first, I had a very Pretty Woman Vivian-at-the-Opera moment and was all, “These are broken. Mine are broken.” (My friend Lauren revived that vintage quote and I’ve been loving it of late.) They sort of remind me of pipe cleaners but with added utility because they’re designed to hold your hair. They come in two lengths, short and long. I’m loving short to twist up half of my hair. I like using the blondish-colored one so it blends with my strands. They cause fewer snags than an elastic and look supercute. BBJ readers can get 15% off at Knot Heads with the code “junkie”.

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Check out Fashionbinge.com

In case you don’t already know about it, my gals Tamron Lohan and Mary-Kate Hopkinson write my fave fashion blog, fashionbinge.com.
Just a snippet from a recent post:
“Oh, Anthro[pologie], you heartless, overpriced little bitch. Your sales are hardly even. Yet you keep drawing me back in.”

Is this not the most right-on statement currently in existence on the Interwebs? I was waiting since 2005 for this bedding set (in grey) to go on sale and it PLUM never did. I finally just sucked it up and bought the damn thing for myself. Oh, the abusive relationship Anthro and I have.

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Protect your Skin; Protect a Child

Yesterday, I attended Clarins’ Most Dynamic Woman Award presentation at the Hudson Hotel’s Apartment Terrace. The event recognizes an exceptional woman who has devoted her life to bettering the lives of children facing hardship. Christian Courtin-Clarins, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Clarins Group, presented this year’s award to Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, co-founders of non-profit organization Childhelp. Childhelp is dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect through an approach that focuses on advocacy, prevention, treatment, and community outreach. These two fabulous women are so committed and enthusiastic about this oft-overlooked tragic issue. Kathie Lee Gifford even provided opening remarks where she shared a vile statistic with us: four children die daily as a result of child abuse and neglect. Three out of the four are under the age of four.

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"No Makeup" Makeup

Let’s not act like we ALL haven’t been there, mmkay? You’re dating some guy and he hasn’t seen you TOTALLY sans makeup yet… and you don’t want to be some kind of Tammy Faye Baker cosmetic freak, but you don’t necessarily need him to see you without at least SOME of “your face” on, as my mother likes to say. (BTW, stay tuned for another Carol’s column. It’s in the works.)

I’ve rounded up some of my fave “no makeup” makeup tools for looking flawlessly natural without looking, well, TOO natural.

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BBJ Makes Shop 5’s Top 5 Beauty Blog List!

Exciting news, friends! BBJ has been chosen by Shop 5‘s editorial staff as one of the Top 5 sites in their beauty blog category! P.S., be sure to vote for me so I can maintain my top 5 status! Click here to read Shop 5’s review of BBJ.

Shop5 is a new Web 2.0 service that gives you the Top 5 websites for almost anything—as decided by users and their editors—along with full profiles and reviews of every site.

Right now, my site is number 2, which, under some circumstances could feel like, well, number 2. But in this case, I’m listed after Beauty Addict, which is an honor. Kristen’s site is smart, thorough AND entertaining. I think you’ll agree that that trifecta of fabulosity isn’t found just anywhere – except in the blogs of the other three gals on the list! They are:
Makeup Bag
15 Minute Beauty Fanatic
Spoiled Pretty

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Tony, Tony, Tony

I was totally excited when I got an invite to go to the Gift Lounge backstage at the Tony Awards yesterday afternoon, held at Radio City Music Hall. Unfortunately, I’d just missed Brooke Shields, Whoopi Goldberg, and Daniel Radcliffe! But I still felt uber-cool being anywhere called a GIFT LOUNGE. What’s better? Not one thing.

Here’s an overview of what went into presenters’ gift bags:
* Vera Bradley Daisy Daisy Large Duffel (to hold all their Gift Lounge goodies!) and Vera Bradley Spring 2008 Accessories.

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Pre-Beach Necessity: Nivea Body Good-Bye Cellulite Patches

I’m VERY wary of topical things that claim to rid you of cellulite, dolls. I’ve tried out tons and have found that only a few do ANYTHING. NIVEA Body Good-Bye Cellulite Patches ($13) package lay in my “to try” beauty bag for weeks until I a) mustered up the optimism to believe it could work and b) had the TIME to even try out a beauty product – I’d been on vacation and then working long hours to compensate once I returned from said vacation for the past ten days or so. So this past weekend, I finally had some time on my hands to do laundry, clean my apartment and do all those stupid errands that if you don’t have time to do, make you feel like your life is in shambles. You know.

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Anti-Aging Ammo: Lip Balm and SPF for Face in One

Okay, so a friend of mine remarked to me about how OLD another friend of mine was looking lately (whom the former hadn’t seen in about ten years.) The friend in question suns the HELL out of herself and even fake bakes on a regular basis. I had been trying to stay out of the sun, but I would still allow myself a real tan if I go on vacation or am at a beach for the weekend. No more, girls. Not after I realized that this friend of mine HAD aged more than she’d needed to. And it’s all because she doesn’t use enough SPF. I’d been using SPF 15 but I’ve recently kicked it up to 40 on my face and 30 on my bod. My fave facial sunscreen of late is LUMENE SUN ON THE GO
Protective Sun Care For Face & Lips SPF 40

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