Weekend Beauty Reads from the Beauty Blog Network!

Product Girl is giving away 4 goodie bags from the upcoming Sex and the City movie! Check out Product Girl for more information.

StyleBell shows you how to make some serious waves with your flat iron.

Beauty Anonymous reveals the jelly pinkness of the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring 2008 Salon Collection !

Raging Rouge announces the MAX Factor May Makeover giveaway. Over $750 of MAX Factor products will be divided up between TEN winners on May 17th. Good luck!

SugarShock Beauty has a newfound love for foundation: the makeup artist- and Madge-approved Face Atelier Ultra Foundation.

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No Need to Compromise, Even if you Have Sensitive Eyes

I wear contacts because I am totally skeeved out/squeamish to the max about anything having to do with eyes. The idea of LASIK surgery makes me so nauseated. But, the beauty downside of all that is that a lot of regular eye makeup irritates my contacts. When I wear more eye makeup, say, for a night out or a black tie event, the potential for contact irritation increases.

To ensure my eyes will look fly as opposed to red and irritated, I’ve been on a major Clinique kick as their products are ALWAYS allergy tested and fragrance free. My favorite event eye look lately includes their Brush-On Cream Liner in Bronze, $14.50. This color is LIMITED EDITION, dolls, so stock up. The formula is long-wearing and looks absolutely gorge on green- and blue-eyed girls. I am loving it applied with a larger brush (although it comes with its own which is divine for lining) up to the crease for a smoky eye.

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LOST Analysis: Eyeliner Richard Returns!

Okay, so last week’s analysis plum never happened. Sorry. It was a cra weekend. Let’s just leave it at I adored how much shirtless Jack there was. And did you notice the Johnny-Castle-emerges-naked-from-the-bed in-Dirty-Dancing-esque scene where Jack MAY have flashed a little bit of somethin’ somethin’? (You and I both know my friends and I weren’t the only ones who rewound that part of Dirty Dancing ad nauseum).

Last night’s LOST episode catered to the obsessive cultists out there. And by obsessive cultists, I mean me. Locke episodes are always so packed with symbolism. I have to discuss this one with bullets. There’s no other way. I’m simply not that organized today.

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MAX Factor on Tour This Spring with Celeb Makeup Artist Jake Bailey

Do you live in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Houston or Dallas? Celeb makeup artist Jake Bailey (pictured, left) and his team will be in-store to give gorge summer makeovers, share tips and tricks, and help women find the best shades for their complexions. Some of Jake’s clients include Paris Hilton, Brittany Snow (LOVE HER) and Kyra Sedgwick.

Click here for more info about the tour.

Friday, May 16th 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
18441 Ventura Boulevard
Tarzana, CA

Saturday, May 17th 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
6310 W. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA

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Pocket Full of Posie (Tint)

I am SO smitten kitten with Benefit’s new twist on their cult-fave BeneTint, Posie Tint. I’ve mentioned Benetint approximately 29367 times on this blog because I absolutely adore it to the point where it has established permanent residency in my makeup bag and I’ve repurchased it no less than 4 times despite its tendency to stain everything I own including my passport. But can’t we agree that sometimes Benetint is a lot of color?

I had the opportunity to try out Posie Tint and I can officially declare it the Benetint for the recessive-gened set. It’s an opaque, gorgeous petal pink that swipes on and leaves you with a coy flush on cheeks and imparts a lit-from-within glow on lips. It’s a very Mercedes-of-License-to-Drive-fame pink.

Just one word of advice: when you apply your three cheek dots make sure to blend IMMED or you’ll be left with the dots ALL day and will look like some kind of rash victim. Just saying.

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The Firm.

LOVING Institut Esthederm’s Body Biosculpt Firmness Cream. It’s so rare to find a firming creme that improves skin’s tone AND hydrates. This one absorbs quickly, imparts a light, sophisticated scent and is neither too thick, nor too runny. It’ll set you back $62, so it’s definitely a splurge… but I’ve found firming creams that smooth and silken skin are all too rare. The cream restructures the deep layers of the epidermis, improving the tonicity of the body and the firmness of the skin. Try it on out.

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Arte Y Pico Award

The fab Melissa picked BBJ to win the Arte Y Pico award! Thanks, Melissa! BTW, I just finished the second book in her series, Violet by Design and LOVED it. This one takes place mostly in Brazil. Can you even? There’s even a fictional Gisele-type in the book whom Violet gets to work with. And a cute male Brazilian designer. Do check it out.

Here are the rules of the Arte Y Pico Award:

1. Pick 5 blogs that deserve the award for creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogging community, no matter what language.

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Carol’s Column: Elizabeth Arden Day Renewal Emulsion

By Carol (my mother)

Greetings Everyone!

In honor of Mother’s Day, as the mother of the Fabulous Amber, I’ve been invited by my daughter to write about anti-ageing [ed. note: my mother INSISTS on spelling aging the British way. I think it’s a byproduct of reading the FT.] products and/or other products aimed at the “mature woman.”

Since I’ve always thought of ageing as an inevitable decline in physical beauty (we’ll leave spiritual beauty out of this for the nonce), I was shocked (in a good way) recently when I encountered a woman at a party whom I hadn’t seen in at least ten years. Formerly, my strongest impression of her was her almost garish coloring, i.e., extremely black hair juxtaposed with bright green eye shadow and ripe red lipstick. For a “woman of a certain age” it was a bit much. Flash forward to the party. She is now 81 years old, bent, and walking with a cane. But she looked gorgeous! Her hair was now a soft, dark grey, her eyes delicately shadowed and lovely. Her make-up was perfectly applied, everything in balance. She looked beautiful and I told her so. Twice. Apparently, physical beauty can emerge at any age. That is truly inspiring.

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Tagged: Beauty Secrets

Miss Marina of Makeup Loves Me has tagged me to discuss my beauty secrets! Most of these selections I’ve fully reviewed in the past, so just type on in the names in the search bar on your right to learn more about each product.

My Foundation: I’m in an LTR (long term relash) with Elizabeth Arden Intervene SPF 15.

My Mascara: Lancome High Definicils.

My Blush: Therapy Systems Gel Blush in Portofino Rose- LOVE this stuff. It’s a gorge sheer rose.

My Eye Shadow: Lately I’m loving a discontinued Clinique Shadow Trio in Metallic Pewter… that’s about a DECADE old. I know. I KNOW. I never keep my cosmetics that long… except for this one. It’s THE BEST gray/silver palette EVER IN THE WORLD. WHY, Clinique, WHY did you discontinue this? I’m almost totally out.

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