Lancôme to Launch New Vibrating Brush Mascara This Fall

This fall, Lancôme will be launching Ôscillation, a mascara that provides a 360-degree coat around each and every lash. The vibrating brush provides no fewer than 7,000 vibrations per minute for the perfect formula application. Ôscillation has four patents for technology and formula and was created by a team led by Jean-Louis Guéret, the designer of all Lancôme mascara brushes. The King of Mascara, Guéret has been the father of nearly 400 mascaras during his illustrious career.

I’m so looking forward to this one, friends. Lancôme mascaras are my absolute FAVE.

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Weekly Phenom List

It’s NOT coming together today, friends. I had an impromptu BURSEday party (means birthday – stems from a hilarious story my friend Stephanie told about a woman with a thick accent and a smoker’s voice thinking she should sing a solo of the birthday song because she’s such a phenom singer in her opinion – and THAT is how she pronounces “birthday.”) last night at Highbar and am currently enduring a champangover. So without further ado, here’s what I’m loving this week:

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Worth the Splurge: Alterna Ten Shampoo


I know. I KNOW. It’s $60 shampoo. In a world where we live as people, how can that be necessary? Try it out and you’ll see. The conditioner is also phenomenal, but I think spending $120 on a shampoo/condish combo is a bit cra. I’d rather save it for my Christian Louboutin fund. If you have the means, I certainly recommend it. If you don’t, I’d recommend you pair the shampoo with Terax Ultra-Moisturizing Daily Conditioner, an easier-on-your-wallet $22.

It has to be said: I have the best hair day of my LIFESTYLE when I use this shampoo. It’s highly concentrated (so a little dab’ll do ya) and sulfate free. I seriously have half a mind to never let a sulfate near my locks again.

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Recommended Reading: Cintra Wilson on Tory Burch

“I always try a garment I would never choose for myself: this time, it was a long Missoni-esque low-cut poly-blend beach-disco dress, perfect for Rachel Zoe to wear to berate her waiter in the Maldives. It was very flattering, and I might have been tempted if I’d had a tan, and the zipper wasn’t stuck.”–Cintra Wilson

This week’s article is divine, girls. Read it here.

Battle of the Bronzers: L’Oreal vs. Lancome

It’s rumored that L’Oreal’s and Lancome’s products are simply the exact same formulas; one is just packaged in a more high-end manner thus driving up the price. For certain products it’s true: I find L’Oreal’s Color Juice is a real competitor against Lancome’s famed Juicy Tubes. I decided to put L’Oreal Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist in a death match against Lancome Flash Bronzer Airbrush Self Tan Spray. The results are in.

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Enter Total Beauty’s Summer Spa Contest!

Grab your beach bag, sunglasses and SPF because Total Beauty is giving away more than 100 summer spa prizes! Enter for your chance to win fabulous daily giveaways, and they’ll automatically enter you for a chance to win their grand prize. One lucky winner will receive an all-inclusive spa trip to the serene Ceiba del Mar Beach & Spa Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Best of luck, gals!

Click here to enter.

So Yesterday: Max Factor Lip Liner in Nude

Guys, tomorrow is the TEN YEAR anniversary of my high school graduation. In fact, when I dreamed about my ten year reunion (mine actually occurs around Thanksgiving), I so envisioned playing a Lisa Luder Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion type of role. In fact, if we went to high school together and you’re not into the movie, don’t sit by me. I’ll be quoting it ALL NIGHT LONG. On my way there, I’m totes ordering the Business Woman’s Special. Try and stop me. “Isn’t it weird when you’re not friends with your friends anymore? I mean, Michele and I just fell out of touch about two hours ago.”

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Don’t Be Paparazzi’d Without It: L’Oreal Infallible Lipgloss

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more annoying than finding out about this when I purchased MY iPhone on MAY 26th. Oh wait, there is. Lipgloss that disintegrates within minutes of application during a weekend positively teeming with paparazzi moments.

But luckily, I got the memo to pack my L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss in Bloom in my teeny tiny clutch and that is why my lips look fly in the above pic, taken at the rehearsal dins last Thursday. The formula is perfection. It lasts not quite the eight hours it claims to on the bottle, but I’ll say with full conviction that it lasts about five… still a feat worth a parade, IMO. It manages to hydrate lips for a smooth, even finish. But my fave part of the gloss is the triangular enormous spongey applicator. It’s so large, yet easy to contour. I’ll bet Angelina Jolie loves the surface area she can cover in mere seconds with this baby. It’s only $10 in drugstores. What’s better? Not one thing.

Photo credit: Beauty Blogging Junkie,

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