It’s Bath Season: 3 Product Recs To Make The Most Of It

31-petal-bathI don’t C about PSL season but I do C about bath season! The only benefit I see in the dropping temps is a chance to get back to my bath routine. Here are my soak soulmates.

LUSH Bubble Bars: Obviously, I can’t do a bath product roundup without mentioning LUSH. My absolute favorite LUSH bath accessory is their line of bubble bars.  You crumble them under running water for a sudsy explosion and often, a bright bath. Check it out above. That particular bath was a result of The Comforter mixed with my favorite bath bomb, Sex Bomb.  Add in a hydrating melt and you’ve got the perfect LUSH cocktail!
The Body Shop Green Tea Bath Tea: No, this is not tea you sip in the tub (but since you’re asking, I love Pukka tea) but rather, tea that you soak in. You put the salts in this bath infuser so (it’s time for an SAT style analogy) if your bath = a cup of tea, then your tub is the mug and the infuser is the tea bag. It creates a mess free bath experience, and nothing is more relaxing than that.
Epsom Salts: Good old epsom salts like Dr. Teal’s eucalyptus iteration, are the easiest, best bath product out there. You just dump loads and loads into a super hot tub and soak forever. I even like to add a scoop of coconut oil (a la Emily Weiss) but the concoctions are endless. Get some essential oils and experiment.
—Julia Casella

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