Three Rules For Life: Andrea Arterbery

My dear friend, beauty freelance writer Andrea Arterbery, left a gigantor hole in my lifestyle when she jaunted off to her home state of Texas to eat queso to her heart’s content and incubate #Arterbaby2012, dropping next month (like a rap album). We’ve traded in our former evenings at my apt listening to Beyonce‘s “4” album on repeat, drinking kir royales, scoring $2 leggings at Strawberry and catching the latest flick post-New York Burger chow sesh for lengthy mid-day freelance gal phone calls. I had to harass her deeply to contribute her five rules, but she could only handle three right now. What can I say? According to Andrea, she doesn’t “even believe in rules in the first place.” So in her words, here are her Five Rules For Life (minus two).

1. Live Your Life Like It’s Golden. You know that saying that tomorrow is never promised? Well, people say it all the time because it’s not. Which is why you should always love the NOW that you are so blessed to have. Don’t let anyone bring you down and tell you otherwise. So, move to London. Jump out of planes. Shave your head. Have babies. Climb mountains. Whatever it is that makes you happy is what you should be doing. (ie DO YOU) Trust me when I say this golden life is where it’s at!

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2. Always Follow Your First Mind.
My grandmother used to always tell me this growing up and I never knew what the hell she was talking about until I got to college and started living on my own. Sometimes it may seem like your first mind is leading you wrong, but I can honestly say that every time I second-guessed that little voice or didn’t follow its directions, nothing good happened. So, while I believe that my first mind is really just my guardian angel (because I totally believe in those…don’t judge me), I always follow it no matter what; and I can honestly say that it’s never led me wrong.

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3. Be Your Own Best Friend.
Because if you can’t love and enjoy your own company, no one else is going to do it for you. (Plus, you can’t even begin to think that people are going to want to be your friend and hang out with you if you’re like the Negative Nancy of life!) Learn to love and revel in yourself and everything else will fall into place. (Yes, this includes successful careers, life partners, children, friendships and all those other things in life that you might think are unattainable for you but really aren’t.)

Thanks, Ahnge! Stay tuned for more Five Rules.

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