Balayage For Your Lashes: It’s A Thing

The latest way to color your lash look isn’t brightly hued mascara (well, it’s not ONLY brightly hued mascara): It’s new mermaid colored lash extensions, only at Envious Lashes. Celebrity lash expert and founder Clementina Richardson is offering the fanciful fringe options at her NYC salon

Available in three exclusive wearable shades, purple reign, emerald city and electric blue, these faux silk colored lash extensions are an excellent, semi-permanent way to wear the colorful lash trend. Think of it as ombre for your lashes. Clementina and her stylists will select the best color to accentuate your eyes, then apply a mix of different widths, lengths and curvatures, to create an overall makeover of the eye area.  The colored lashes become more gradual towards the end for a more vibrant look.  Sometimes just a few colored strands, applied judiciously, can make your natural eye color pop, like my gal Heather Muir’s is in the pic above.

Prices start at $105 and go up to $450 depending on the style selected.  The initial set takes 1.5 -2 hours with refills recommended every 3-4 weeks.

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