Bought: Target And Dwell Magazine Hand Tufted Rug

Here’s the real truth: A rug just doesn’t last that long. And a mostly white rug? Well, it lasts even less time. Two years deep into my gorgeous, though very sheddy CB2 Moroccan floor confection and it’s done. It’s endured too many shoes, despite my side-eyeing anyone ballsy enough to trot in with their outdoor shoes on this precious jewel. It’s just over. I’d been lusting after a red-orange Jonathan Adler herringbone one but THEN I stumbled on this new Target and Dwell Magazine collab — and it’s adorned with PILLS. It’s the manifestation of all of my Valley Of The Dolls aesthetic dreams!

In the words of The Big Lebowski’s Walter, IT REALLY TIES THE ROOM TOGETHER. The Target X Modern By Dwell Magazine Hand Tufted Wool Red Rug is on CLEARANCE for $95 at

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