Steam Queens: Why You Need A Face Steamer

It’s time you become a steam queen!

What’s part of every single (good) facial? Steaming of course! It opens pores, and helps flush them out by loosening dirt and contaminants. Your new freshly cleansed pores can then better absorb skin products and those expensive active ingredients (like retinol) will work that much harder for you.
To be honest, I’m not sure why I haven’t been doing this forever. Steaming just takes 10 minutes and you reap the benefits instantly with glowier dewy skin. Plus, for someone like me, who has large pores and blackheads, it is actually an absolute essential step in keeping skin clean in between facial appointments. Since I’ve incorporated a steamer into my routine (btw: I tried a few but love the Dr. Dennis Gross one) I’ve noticed my blackheads are smaller, and my face is overall brighter.
How to use: cleanse face like normal, then fill the tank with distilled water. Steam for 10 minutes (more if you have oily skin, less if you have sensitive skin), then follow with a serum or moisturizer. Use 1-2 times a week.
Steam away my queens!

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