Holiday Gift Guide: Danny Castellano Edition

By Julia Casella

Once described as the “hot mean one,” Danny is a dreamy doctor from Staten Island who works hard and tries to show little emotion. But despite his arrogance, he has a soft, sweet side (usually brought out by Mindy) which makes him an easily lovable guy. The Danny in your life is vain, but still rugged and tough, and tries to be as old-fashioned as possible. Here, three gift suggestions for him.


This shaving set is luxurious, while still avoiding the extra frills that would make it excessive. It is unscented and comes in simple, classic packaging which gives it the old-school feel Danny loves.

A workaholic needs great desk accessories. This letter opener is handsome and sturdy – just like Dr. Castellano.

Aqua di Parma Colonia is how you imagine all Italian men to smell. A clean yet musky scent, this classic is reserved for confident men.

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