Julia’s Current Hydration Situation

Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence has been the pivotal product in my winter skincare routine. I’m super loyal to my usual products but I’ve been looking for an easy, extra boost to calm my dry winter skin.  I didn’t want to add a heavy moisturizer or 12 extra steps, so I decided to try a lightweight mist.
Fair warning: this isn’t a relaxing face spray that gently mists over your face. It has an aggressive nozzle so I spray it in my hands and then gently press it over my face. Pre- makeup, mid-makeup, post-makeup. I so wholeheartedly dove into this product because it’s from Tata Harper which = guaranteed good for you. No random ingredients, just a blend of natural humectants (like jasmine and rose) to deliver plump, radiant skin. Proceed without fear, this stuff is safe for all skin types and you’ll see a difference within a week.
—Julia Casella

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