The Cleansing Oil That Can Replace Your Bikram Class

Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil is like a mini facial + yoga class.
Meditation is all the range. From CEOs to Russell Brand, everyone is so obsessed with being calm, that I almost wonder if it’s making them nervous. And I’ll admit, I’m one of these people: I’ve visited the meditation studio in NYC, I’ve downloaded Headspace and I’m reading The Buddha Walks Into a Bar. From what I’ve gathered, it all goes back to being mindful (A.K.A. present). Meditation is supposed to be a time where you can practice being present, and therefore develop the skills that allow you to bring this thoughtfulness into your everyday life.
And yet, amidst all these tools, I found myself most easily practicing mindfulness during my beauty routine. Which might explain why I like beauty so much: The ritualistic nature of it has always been calming. Lately, no other product has brought me as much peace as Fresh’s Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil.

It smells like a really fancy facial: the kind that I would imagine you would get in Japan after soaking in the tub and drinking jasmine tea. A special blend of oils and extracts help dissolve dirt and makeup, while maintaining your skins natural moisture levels, so your skin is clean but also supple and soft.

After a long day nothing is better than massaging a few pumps of this nourishing oil onto dry skin. It really gives me a chance to unwind and be still. The oil is perfectly slippery so you can massage it for as long as you’d like (Lisa Eldrige has a great video about face massages) and then you gently wash off with a little water.
Every mini moment of serenity should be cherished. Especially when it ends with good skin.
—Julia Casella

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