Dolls, I’m off to LA this evening for a beauty summit sponsored by Total Beauty. I can’t wait for all that’s in store! And to get out of this drab, grey NYC weather we’re having today. I’m missing LOST tonight (I’ll be on the plane!) so this week’s LOST post will probably not happen. I’ll try to watch on from my laptop at some point. Hope my roommates don’t mind.

Before I dash, I have to tell you about Stila Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain. This sheer red tint applied with a click-brush tastes of cherry pie, lasts all day, and washes lips and cheeks with a believable cherubic glow. Cherry Crush contains cherry and pomegranate extracts to provide skin and lips with antioxidant protection. Apply and agree that life is just a bowl OF. $24 at Sephora and

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New York-Based BBJ Readers, You’re invited!

This sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll be in LA (leaving tomorrow) for a beauty summit, but if I were in town, I’d totes be hitting this up. Here are the details.

Get a leg up on summer with a very special summer offer from Glamour, Nair and Printing House Fitness and Squash Club.

WHAT: Try our Latin Dance Workout* for free and you’ll receive a free gift from Glamour, a Nair sample and expert fashion tips to show off your lovely legs. You’ll also receive a Printing House gym pass – just for trying us out!

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Prescriptives Urban Heat Summer Collection

Considering my last eight summers have been urban ones (spanning three different cities: Boston, Paris and NYC in that order), I cosign this collection completely. I had the opportunity to try out a couple of pieces from the collection. I recommend:

Limited Edition Kohl Eye Pencils in Blue Grotto and Purple Rain
Both colors are bright, yet wearable and last Blue Grotto is a grey’d out navy blue that’s absolutely gorgeous on. And Purple Rain? What’s better than a limited edition cosmetic that’s named after a Prince song? Not much. That’s for sure. They’re water-resistant, smudge-resistant, and easy to blend. $14.50.

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Recharge with Biotherm’s New Flash Recharge Concentrate

Biotherm, one of my fave brands, has come out with a new line of products designed to counteract stress called Flash Recharge. The line consists of a masque, an eye cream, and a concentrate. The concentrate, $40, is my fave. You can use it alone, mixed into, or under a day or night cream. My fave way is to use it mixed in with my regularly scheduled moisturizer. These days, I’m keeping it in the Biotherm fam and am using Biotherm BIOPUR Pore Reducer, a purifying moisturizer. The consistency is TO DIE.

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Luke and Rona O’Connor Dish about Hair

As I mentioned, Daisy scored me an interview with her colorist and stylist of ten years, Rona and Luke O’Connor. The two are married and are also the owners of Lukaro (a combo of their names), a salon in Beverly Hills.

Rona O’Connor has been imparting various shades of blondes and darker browns on Daisy for years. Right now it’s sunflicked, meaning that she painted the color on her hair like a starburst across the whole surface so it looks like sun streaks. “If you pick the hair up, it’s sort of like a canvas,” Rona, a painter and drawer from a young age, informed me. “You see small streaks of color all around.” Sunflicking is great, because there’s no need to touch up the roots as often. I’m so sold on the entire process, BTW. Roots are the bane of my existence. She simply “tips” the hair, meaning she paints highlights on the ends of the strands. She focuses the lighter area around the hairline with foils to make it a lighter hue than the rest of the hair.

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Exclusive Daisy Fuentes Interview: Dianoche Ocean Day & Night

I’m on the left interviewing Daisy at the Gansevoort Hotel. This was clearly not my most photogenic moment, but OBV, I have to post a pic of myself with Daisy.

With its interlocking stacked packaging and oceanic color palette, this perfume bottle will sexify your boudoir in addition to your scent. See all the way below for what’s in the perfume. I was beyond excited to be asked to meet with Daisy for an exclusive blogger interview at her fragrance’s launch party last night at Ono at the Gansevoort Hotel. I totally agonized over my outfit choice (it had to somehow be business casual – I’d come from work – yet worthy of interaction with a supermodel… not so easy, right?) but was totally delighted to meet one of my fave TV personalities face-to-face. And? Daisy rocks blue like no one else can.

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Hayden Panettiere on the Cover of the June/July Issue of Teen Vogue

From Hayden’s cover story in the June/July issue:
On her life as a celeb, Hayden says, “Nothing is private,” she continues, “and when they write about you, it’s almost always completely false.” Does that include her romance with SUPERCUTE Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia? Hayden refuses to confirm or deny their relationship. “I’ll not comment until the day I die! Denial,” she concludes, with a wide grin.

The June/July 2008 issue of TEEN VOGUE is on sale nationwide May 20, 2008. Get exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and the inside scoop on Hayden’s cover shoot with TEEN VOGUE at:

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Lime and Yogurt: Not Just Diet Fodder

Hi, girls!

Happy belated Mother’s Day! BTW, check out my friend Erika’s tribute to several bloggers’ mothers (including Car! I didn’t have a digital pic of her, sorry) on Makeup Bag.

As much as I love products that show instant beauty results (i.e., lip glosses, eye makeup, masacara, etc.) some of my favorite products are the ones that yield no demonstrable change (except for a fresh scent). Here are my two fave shower gels of late.

Kings & Queens George III Lime Shower Gel, $9
I picked up this little gem whilst “supermarket sweeping” a major fashion magazine’s beauty closet a couple weeks ago with Erika. It was pretty much one of the better days of my lifestyle thus far. I love a monarchy and absolutely anything having to do with the British court, so I was intrigued when I saw that this lime-scented gel was created with this story in mind:
“One of the most dreadful enemies of the British navy was scurvy, which is caused by a lack of vitamin C. But in the early 18th century, sailors were saved by simply consuming daily lime juice, following orders given by King George III.”

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Weekend Beauty Reads from the Beauty Blog Network!

Product Girl is giving away 4 goodie bags from the upcoming Sex and the City movie! Check out Product Girl for more information.

StyleBell shows you how to make some serious waves with your flat iron.

Beauty Anonymous reveals the jelly pinkness of the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring 2008 Salon Collection !

Raging Rouge announces the MAX Factor May Makeover giveaway. Over $750 of MAX Factor products will be divided up between TEN winners on May 17th. Good luck!

SugarShock Beauty has a newfound love for foundation: the makeup artist- and Madge-approved Face Atelier Ultra Foundation.

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