Beauty News: Evangeline Lily is the New Face of Davidoff

This is HUGE, dolls. It’s the perfect fusion of my two fave things: LOST and beauty. LOST star Evangeline Lilly has been signed as the new face of the Davidoff Cool Water Woman fragrance. Of her decision to work with the fragrance, Lilly said: “For me, the Cool Water Woman is a perfect representation of feminine beauty: strength and sensuality versus pure sexiness.”

Photo credit: British Vogue

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Beauty News: Olay For Me; Olay For You

Olay is introducing, a customized website service that gives women more than just boxes to check. With a breakthrough new “virtual conversation” technology, it’s like having a personal skincare consultant in the comfort of her own home. You can enter in your skincare concerns and are then guided through a unique experience that delivers personalized product recommendations based on individual needs. To date, the site has already had one million visits.

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Hair-Specific Postings from the Beauty Blog Network

Because hair is one of my FAVE things to talk about.

Beauty Blogging Junkie tries out a Keratin treatment, gloss, and blowout at the Hiro Haraguchi Salon – and loves it.
Beauty and Fashion Tech reviews the Remington Style and Shine Hair Dryer with new conditioning technology.
Mischo Beauty loves Ted Gibson’s “Glimmering Gold” shampoo and conditioner in her weekly “Beautiful hair needs an expert” post.
Lipstick, Powder ‘n Paint tells us how to keep our coloured hair looking bright and shiny. Check out these products For coloured hair.
Dandruff. Yuk. Don’t worry, Lipstick, Powder ‘n Paint has dandruff solutions that work.
Styles from Fashion Week: Bionic Beauty covers Oscar Blandi’s creations.
Toya shares her hair-washing routine.
StyleBell uncovers What to Expect with Hair Extensions.

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Wash Me Amadeus Week: The Piece de Resistance

Drumroll… the final wash of Wash Me Amadeus Week: Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash ($25).

I love this mild, exfoliating facial cleanser – it does the job when I want some exfoliation.. but don’t want to break out the big guns. Best of all, it’s gentle enough to use daily. However, this is not a product that removes makeup. The directions actually advise you to keep it away from the eye area, so make sure to remove makeup pre-wash. The wash’s formula is sulfate-free (I loathe a sulfate) and formulated with topical antioxidants to help condition the skin and retain its moisture level. I used it last night and found my skin was buffed to a radiant shine without irritation. It’s perfect for use before applying a facial self-tanner.

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Did you know Allure has a blog? They do, and it’s written by most phenom Jessica Matlin. I especially love her take on fragrances, something I have trouble writing about. Anywho, when I was checking out the Allure blog this weekend, I realized they had started linking to BBJ! In the words of Rachel Green, “it’s like the mothership is calling me home.”

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Plexi Gloss Me, Thierry.

Thierry Mugler has been a long-time BBJ fave ever since I started wearing his Angel Innocence scent in 1999. He recently launched his gorgely packaged line of cosmetics and skin care. My fave part of the collection? Plexi Gloss ($40), my lippie du jour. It’s–no joke– what Jem AND the Holograms would be wearing if they were real people in 2008. It imparts holographic shine on your lips. Pink Reflection is a wearable, shiny pink. The rubber tab/spatula-like applicator took me by surprise. When I first saw it, I was wary. I was all: This is neither a brush nor a sponge… WTF goes on HERE. It turns out, the bizarre applicator is one of the best parts about it. The gloss goes on smoothly and easily. On lips, it appears glosstrously luxe and the innovative mirrored packaging is pure sci fi futuristic flash forward. And it appeals to my vain side. LURVE.

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Wash Me Amadeus Week: Cheap Creamy Cleansers

I’ll bet you thought that was it for Wash Me Amadeus Week! You couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, there are three more recs in store. Two of which, we’ll cover right now.

Garnier Nutrist Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Cream Cleanser
Garnier is unique for their ability to create oil-free moisturizers, serums, and washes that moisturize alarmingly well. So well in fact, I often forget to use them because they feel so oil-FULL. For $6, this cream cleanser (the consistency is most akin to Noxzema) gently removes oil, dirt, makeup and detoxifies by using ingredients developed exclusively by Garnier. My skin feels pure and healthy post wash.

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Wash Me Amadeus Week: La Mer The Cleansing Gel

This gem of a face wash is the perfect marriage of two of my fave things: La Mer and tourmalines.

Ideal for normal to oily skins, this mix of magnetized tourmaline and La Mer’s exclusive Deconstructed Waters™ removes makeup, dirt, oil and debris with minimal rubbing. Oil-free non-detergrent formula combats extra sebum while keeping your moisture barrier intact. Unfortch, tourmalines tend to come with a hefty price tag. This one is $65. Worth the splurge, however, for the fresh green spring-like scent. Get some here.

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Weekend Beauty Reads from The Beauty Blog Network

Emo Hairstyles are all the rage and totally cool – StyleBell asks: Do you have scene hair?

Face Candy checks out MAC’s new Beauty Powder Blushes.

The Makeup Divas reviews 2 eye shadows from a new cosmetic line calledMellies Makeup.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic tries out Elizabeth Arden’s new Intervene Foundation and loves the results!

Makeup Moxie reviews Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow

The Muse shares her current beauty addictions and asks what are some of yours?

A Touch of Blusher will be buying the latest fragrance from Stella McCartney.

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LOST Analysis: Everyone DOES Love a Panda.

I successfully predicted that Sun makes it off the island AND I still think that Jin dies. Even though it pains me. Last night’s LOST episode moved me to tears, friends. I heart that Jin and his full character realization arc. But most of all, I heart his covetable cheekbones. As my mom says, he IS two walking cheekbones. He’s one of my fave characters. I clapped for him when he successfully asked Jack to pass the cereal in English.

Did you notice that Jin’s tombstone indicated the date of death as 9/22/2004 — the day Oceanic 815 crashed? But my roommate Carrie pointed out that there was an additional date in 1980… anyone know what that’s about? There was a third date of 1976, presumably the year Jin was born. I’d love to know what you think.

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