Your Lifestyle Just Infinitely Improved: Introducing T3’s New T3 Pro Collection

I talk about my T3 Evolution with the same pride as a Tribeca mom when she speaks about her totes precocious toddler. It’s the best dryer I’ve ever used. It’s the Mercedes of hair dryers. But maybe you’re not evolved enough financially to drop $300 on a dryer. You’re all, “Quit playing games with my HEART, T3.” Who can blame you? That’s a lot of coin.

T3’s new Pro Collection includes a new Pro Dryer that is equipped with the same T3 patented Flawless infusion process, and the same frizz-fighting, cuticle-sealing Tourmaline technology to deliver the exact same results at a much sexier price tag. $119 in fact. I tested this adorable pink bad boy out and EVERYTHING was the same except that it took a bit longer to style my hair. I found myself running the dryer on the same section of hair once or twice more often than when I use my Evolution. As opposed to the Evolution which dries hair 70% faster than a normal dryer, this dries your hair 50% faster. To save $180, I think you’ll be able to live. I clocked it and it took me 15 minutes instead of my usual 10. It still includes 2 speed and 3 heat controls, a cool shot, a straightening attachment and a professional length cord. Body? Check. Chic smooth sleekness? Check. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in savings, results and gorge pink style.

read more Celebrates Earth Day with “Totally Green Sweepstakes”

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd,, is set to launch an eco-awareness campaign and their biggest sweepstakes to date, the “Totally Green Sweepstakes.” Starting April 17th through June 5th, will launch the eco-beauty feature and sweepstakes, benefitting, while educating women on making eco-conscious beauty choices. One lucky winner will win a new 2008 Saturn Vue Hybrid car filled with a year’s supply of luxurious green and organic beauty products. Pretty phenom, right?

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Shower Rotation: Herbal Essences Body Envy Shampoo and Molton Brown Reawakening Mer-Rouge Hair Hydramasque

This divine-smelling shampoo is a drugstore DARLING. Scented with white nectarine and pink coral flower, it lathers to the max and leaves hair with substantial lift and volume at the root. All this for $3.99. What’s better? Not one thing.

These days I’m loving it with Molton Brown Reawakening Mer-Rouge Hair Hydramasque ($40). Three to five minutes with this mask that includes amino acids, vitamins and dulse sea extracts yields soft, silky hair. I find I can’t use bodifying conditioners on my color-treated mane but the combo of a volume-inducing shampoo and an uber-hydrating mask gives me the exact big-yet-smooth texture I crave. Herbal Essences plus Molton Brown is my new fave cra combo.

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T3 Kicks off Their Honeymoon Hair Contest!

The T3 Pink Mini

T3 is kicking off their Honeymoon Hair contest today! So often brides neglect their hair needs for the honeymoon. They usually prep for the big day with the help of a professional stylist. But T3 wants to make sure that she’s got the right tools for fabulous T3 hair. They’re prepared to take you from the pool to cocktails in minutes.

They are offering one lucky bride the chance to come to NYC for a 2-day trip, a consultation with my FAVE stylist Orlando Pita (for her and a guest of her choice – does it need to be said that I’m insisting all of my engaged friends enter this contest and take me as their guest should they win?), $500 in cash and a Sephora shopping spree. 10 runners up will receive either the Pink Mini and Boost or the Overnight and Plump.

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Dr. Scholl’s Partners with Dancing with the Stars to Host Online Auction

Mel B’s Shoes
Dr. Scholl’s has partnered with “Dancing with the Stars” and currently has donations from two-time DWTS champ Julianne Hough, host Samantha Harris, judge Carrie-Ann Inaba and current and past celeb competitors Marissa Jaret Winokur, Mel B. (i.e. Scary Spice), Vivica Fox, Lisa Rinna, and Jane Seymour. The online auction will run through May 7, and fans and shoe buffs alike can log onto to find out how to bid on sexy dancing shoes worn by cast and celeb contestants.

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Best Party Ever.

Hey, gals!

Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was especially phenom. On Saturday, I went to a bridal shower for my friend Amber after which, we attended the. best. party. I’ve ever been to. It was an 80s party thrown by some guy I don’t know for his 40th birthday with an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and an 80s cover band (some songs were better than others). This guy spared NO expense. He even shut down Mansion for the first few hours of the party. But the best part was the AUTHENTIC Back to the Future DE LOREAN he rented and parked outside of Mansion for the occasion. You cannot IMAGINE how much this pleased me. I took SO many pics of it and in it. It even had the day/month/date dashboard. I’m not even entirely convinced that it wasn’t THE De Lorean.
Me with the De Lorean. Can you EVEN?

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Weekend Reads from the Beauty Blog Network

A Touch of Blusher continues the feast of vibrant colors.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic tries out a mineral mascara.

SugarShock Beauty has found a blush with greatness: Pop Beauty’s Rose Belle. It’s perfect for achieving that healthy, rosy glow that’s so now.

StyleBell shows how to create a fab Bridal half up half down hairstyle.

Want long, lush lashes? The Beauty of Life offers you the chance to win some with an amazingly lash-tastic contest, courtesy of Ardell Fashion Lashes!

The Beauty Bug gushes about a heat activated exfoliator that let’s you know when your exfoliation is complete by changing colors!

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"If You Love Something, Let it Go."

Oiy, ladies. Last night was a bit too epic for me. I met my friend Amber for a drink at her apartment, then headed uptown to Diablo Royale for Mexican dins for her sister Shelby’s birthday and then “crashed” a Wall Street party at Nobu 57. There was a lot of champagne involved. It’s definitely not coming together here at BBJ HQ today.

But on to the beauty news… I have to tell you about CoverGirl Lash Blast ($8). So I received a sample of the fabled Lash Blast right before I was moving into my new apartment. My move, BT dubs, took place during Fashion Week while I was also working at my full-time gig, while ALSO working on a freelance consulting project. It was mildly chaotic, to say the least. So product samples were coming in at a feverish pace due to the sheer amount of Fashion Week events and in order to manage my stuff I had to move, I bequeathed my enorm Lash Blast (it’s roughly the size of the a toilet paper rod) onto my friend Lauren. I was intrigued by it, but it comes in such large packaging and I felt so overwhelmed, that in a rare bout of Buddhist behavior, I gave away a promising product. The next day, Lauren and I went to a movie and I was criminally jeal of her faboo lashes. “You are SO sorry you gave me that Lash Blast,” she reported. “It’s the best mascara I’ve ever used.”

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NARS Exotica Collection for Summer 2008

Gals, I hate to play favorites with my cosmetics, but when it comes to phenom eyeshadows, I do believe NARS holds the monopoly. Their vibrant, quality shades positively jump out of their compacts (which always include a mirror – no matter how small).

NARS’ Summer 2008 Collection entitled Exotica (very grrr, baby) is their best yet. It features a sultry palette of edgy neutrals. Their textures and pigments are to DIE. You’ll channel a seductress whether you like or not. Just saying. My faves?

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Fashion That Does Beauty Duty

Beauty isn’t limited to gels, powders and cremes, dolls. Two of my latest beauty faves are of the fashion realm. Check it:

MBT Amali
I know I talk about MBTs more than Isaac Mizrahi talks about his dog Harry (Harry IS adorable.) These sneakers, while hideously ugly, really do work to tone your legs and butt and help get rid of cellulite. The trick is that you need to wear them for at least an hour a day. I was wearing the grey sport sneakers to and from work and while they look fine at the gym, on my commute, I realized I needed to kick up the chic a notch. I had convinced myself that I didn’t care about wearing totally obv sneakers with a work outfit (I draw the line at dresses/skirts, however) but the fact is that I do care. I care deeply. Much like how CC Bloom feels things deeply. I’ve since switched to the MBT Amalis which, while still pretty geeky-looking, are far more subtle. So much so that on occasion, on a hungover Friday or two, I’ll patter around the office in them ALL DAY if I’m wearing some wide-legged black pants. At first glance, they simply look like black leather serviceable shoes. No one has to know that they’re doing my ass the best service of all. I HIGHLY recommend these for anyone with a non-desk job who can get away with shoes that aren’t treading the cutting edge of fashion. $260 at Bur-Mar Shoes – they’re usually $274. P.S. I’ve had my grey sneakers since July 06 and they’re still in great shape. It’s a lot of money to spend on shoes, but they do last YEARS.

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