LOST Update

I watched it at 2am last night and a) fully agree with Jeff Jensen of EW‘s assertion that Claire is actually dead – she didn’t survive the fire and b) I thought that ep (which was PHENOM) was absolutely teeming with Vanilla Sky and Alice in Wonderland references. Oh, and I’m beyond in love with Jack. Be back Sunday with more thoughts on the ep.

Have a great weekend, gals!

Read the May Issue of The Beauty Ideal

Happy May Day, gals!
The May issue of The Beauty Ideal is live! Go on over there and read about what SPF-infused, waterproof, bronzing, and perfect pedicure products my fellow Beauty Ideal writers can’t wait to rock.

Click here to read my Letter from the Beauty Editor and here to read my story on SPF-Infused Beach Tote Fodder.

In other news, I am going to Montauk for Amber’s bachelorette party weekend extravaganza at 0900 hours tomorrow morning, so I’m thinking there probably won’t be any updates until Sunday or Monday. Miss you long time. I may or may not be able to watch LOST tonight but I’ll def provide a LOST post by Monday. In case you were worried. It’s a Jack-isode, my fave kind.

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Kate Hudson on the Cover of People’s Most Beautiful People Issue

Yay, Kate! Click here to read the article.

In other belated Kate news (I know, I’m totes behind b/c she’s no longer the object of my girlcrush since Amanda from Ugly Betty came into my lifestyle) she has partnered with celeb hairstylist David Babaii to create David Babaii for WildAid, a hair-care line that donates 10% of proceeds to the animal-protection organization. The products come out this summer.

Light and Shiny Pink Gloss

My friend Amber is one of my BEST friends. We’ve been friends since 1998 when we were in the same class at BU even though I was totes hesitant to let someone into my lifestyle with my formerly unique name. I felt sort of like Buzz Lightyear did when he found out he was mass-produced. You know? Anywho.

Amber and I ALWAYS have the same fight. She LOVES a light, shimmery pink gloss. And who doesn’t? She has the right coloring for it (blonde with blue eyes) but she sometimes chooses one that even Norma Arnold herself would dismiss for being too pearlescent. The city limits between Amanda Sommers (pictured, left) City and Magdaville are so vague. The good news is that I’ve identified a PERF pink gloss.

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Shimmery Shoulders à la Kim Cattrall Circa 1987

I got zero beauty sleep last night because apropos of nothing, my roommate Carrie and I decided at midnight that we just HAD to watch our fave parts of Mannequin, which I naturally own on DVD just for these reasons. Carrie’s fave parts? When James Spader’s character calls the nefarious BJ Wert and refers to him as “Beej.” As in, “BJ? Beej, are you there?” We both love every single scene with Hollywood Montrose, but she most adores when he says, “Mama, put the coins on my eyes ’cause I SURE don’t believe what I’m seeing.”

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Start Your Anti-Aging Engines NOW.

Not to scare you or anything? But I am an absolute freak about age prevention. Not to the point of plastic surgery (although I’ve received emails asking me if I’d LIKE some… and I’m embarrassed to say I totally considered it for a minute… is that not so L.A. of me?) but I am a firm believer of engaging in minimal wrinkle-preventing activity. For instance, the age to start wearing eye cream? Early 20s, dolls. I started at 19, but of course, you know I’m cra. I wouldn’t start later than 23. Crows’ feet are SO unsexy. I turn 28 in a few weeks and naturally, am totally aghast about it because, as you know, I am 17 on the inside. To ensure that I look closer to 17 on the outside, I’ve been using philosophy’s help me retinol treatment nightly and I am loving the results.

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Weekend Beauty Reads from the Beauty Blog Network

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