Carol Enters the Twilight Zone. Without Me.

OMG, gals. Have I got a story for YOU.

So you know I am deeply, deeply into Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward in the movie. Yesterday, he made an appearance at Hot Topic at the King of Prussia (KOP) mall, a mere 15 minutes from where I grew up in suburban Philly. I ADORED growing up there… but I was so ready to leave when I did in 1998 to move first to Boston to attend college and then to New York in 2002 after I graduated. I love to go home to surburban Philly for weekends, holidays, etc. But never ONCE in ten years have I thought to myself, self? I’d LOVE to be 215-ing it up right now whilst flitting about at fabu NYC event. Yesterday, circa 5pm, that was the exactly what happened.

Daneen and I had spent ALL day emailing back and forth about Robert Pattinson’s impending KOP arrival. I was telling her she HAD to get there. She wanted to, but couldn’t leave work AND drive the 30 minutes from Center City to the ‘burbs by the ripe hour of 5. It was truly tragic. TRAGE. Anyway, so I try to get on with my lifestyle. I head to a fab event where I met Redken stylist/creative consultant Guido (who is HILAR – seriously, he is in my top five fave stylists group). Stay tuned for my interview with him, BTW.

While I’m there, my mother calls me like, four times. She does this, my mother. I think it’s a Jewish mother requisite. She simply calls until she gets me on the phone. Does this happen to anyone else? PLEASE tell me in the comments if it does so I can feel less ridic. I get home around 9pm, and when I finally have a chance to call her back, I’m sort of frantic because, like every other time, I think maybe something’s HAPPENED this time and I’m some sort of jerk for ignoring four calls in a row because maybe someone’s in the hospital, etc. P.S. Never has there been an emergency. She’s always just called four times in a row to ask me something like whether I would like her to renew my New Yorker subscription this year.

This is the world’s longest story. So anyway, when I reach her, she tells me how she had this coupon for a shoe store that’s only in the King of Prussia mall. “The Plaza,” she said. “Not the Court. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the crowds.” All of a sudden, I realize that my MOTHER unwittingly just HAPPENED to be the EXACT place I’d been DYING to be all day. Behold the dialogue:
Mom: It was pandemonium! There were so many girls crowding up the place for some guy who’s going to be in some teen movie-
Mom: Oh, you know who he is? I had to ask another shopper-
Mom: No, I escaped to an Israeli kiosk, where I bought the most wonderful flatiron and hairspray.

In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die. Is that not BANANAS?

5 Comments Carol Enters the Twilight Zone. Without Me.

  1. KT

    I heard the events have been a zoo with people lining up days in advance! Listen, when Robert wakes up and rolls over tomorrow morning I will let him know you said hello!

  2. ~Haley

    Hawt picture! Amber seriously…check out Instyle and Vanity Fair online. They both have AMAZING photo shoots with GORGE pics of both Rob and Kristen. And Ditto: I die…it is bananas!

  3. Carrie

    Who is this Sara and why does she get to be in the presence of Edward, er, Robert Pattinson, all day? Not only would I die, but I would readily go on undead for centuries for some QT with RP!

    As far as the calling. Yes my Jewish mother is all over it. Now she texts too. She’ll stop at nothing!

  4. CincyFan

    Even though my mother hasn’t been a practicing Jew for what seems like a lifetime, she does this. She calls and calls and calls. Or better yet, when she only calls once and I call her back, she claims to have been calling me all day. Like caller ID doesn’t exist.

    I’m sorry you missed out on an Edward siting. You should be in Boston today with Sara, who is spending the entire day with him.

  5. Daneen

    It’s definitely not a Jewish mother thing. My mom will call me several times in a row…and when I finally answer, she forgets why she called and blames me for not answering the first time when the idea was fresh in her mind. Anyway…luvre Edward/Robert.


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