Spring Makeup Tips From Barney’s Makeup Guru Jason Ascher

Beauties, I recently had the opportunity to hit up Barney’s beauty guru Jason Ascher to find out his take on the latest in beauty. Read on to find out his favorite products for spring, trends and tips!

What are your three favorite products for spring?
That’s such a hard question….
Hourglass Mineral Primer SPF 15 is great because it preps the skin for makeup application and soaks the skin with moisture. It’s oil-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free, which can be very important to some women.

Sue Devitt Beausoleil Face Palette If you were to get stuck somewhere with only one product, this should be it! It works for both eyes, cheek and lips if you put some gloss over the powder.

By Terry Rose Balm This is an amazing product! It’s ultra-glamorous, multi-protective and nutria-replenishing SOS treatment for enhanced and strengthened lips and nails.

What are your three essential makeup tips? 
1. Don’t wear mascara on the lower lash in the warmer months if you’re prone to having makeup bleed down your face.
2. Blotting your lip color can create an entirely new and fresh look.
3. Always, always, always wear SPF. There are so many products now that include SPF as an ingredient that it’s very easy to follow this rule.

What are your three favorite spring makeup trends?
1. I love to see women returning to natural beauty. They look flawless and are wearing makeup but look so good you have to do a double take.
2. Soft, luminous translucent powders and a shift away from heavy bronzers.
3. Pink, pink, pink! I love seeing women embrace their femininity and wear pale pinks and brighter pinks. It complements the lace and white that are both big trends this season.

Thanks, Jason! And don’t forget to check out Barney’s beauty section.

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