Get a Free Mani or Pedi when you Purchase Herbal Essences!

With the purchase of any two specially marked Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner products, you can receive a free manicure or pedicure at participating salons!

Just save your receipt and visit and follow the redemption instructions on how to mail in their receipt. Delivery of manicure/pedicure voucher will take four to six weeks. Specially marked products are on shelves now through June.

The following collections will be specially marked and included in the promotion:

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MAC Introduces Skinsheen Leg Spray

Breaking news, girls. I was just notified that MAC will be introducing their new Skinsheen Leg Spray.

This bronzing agent sounds pretty interesting. It’s not exactly a self-tanner, but it’s good for up to 2 washings thanks to its highly water-resistant formula that includes special polymers. The not-so-good news is that it’s not transfer-proof, but highly transfer resistant. Provided skin is not overly moisturized underneath, it will stay on and not move. You have to wait for it to dry down completely before putting on clothing. Works best when put on naked skin, not moisturized skin. The combo of silicones is actually conditioning in and of itself. I can’t wait to try it out.

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I Heart St. Tropez.

The city and the brand.

You know how I always talk about reading the directions? Sometimes I don’t. The most salient example: I rub in aerosol self-tanner. Because I have trust issues with it re: streaking. Natch, rubbing aerosol self-tanner makes it streak MORE. For the first time, I did it the right way with my new St. Tropez Aero Bronze Instant Self-Tanning Spray ($36). I used it last night after a good scrub with their phenom Body Polisher ($16). It yields NO streaks, dolls, and provides a convincing tan within THREE hours. The best I’ve ever done before was MINIMAL streaking. And not only is there no streaking, the DHA smell is so very faint you literally can smell it only if you press your nose to my arm. Which you won’t be doing anyway. Because that would freak me out. The color it produces is a rich, natural golden brown. I’ll just say it: this stuff has won Holy Grail Tanner Status.

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Beauty in Transit: Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream

So here’s the situation.

I work downtown right near the entrance to the PATH station, which is a commuter train to and from Jersey City and Hoboken. The entrance used to let out a couple blocks from my office. Due to WTC construction progressing, they’ve moved the new entrance about 100 feet from my office at 7 WTC. So there are now ONE MILLION people I battle in order to walk on Vesey Street to my office. It was crowded before, but now, I actually come to a complete standstill. ON FOOT. And I also have the misfortune of always walking in the wrong direction as the throngs of pedestrians, much like a salmon. I am actually convinced there is no one in New Jersey at 9am and 5pm on weekdays because all of the state’s residents appear to be on Vesey Street. I’m considering identifying an alternate, roundabout route to work.

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What to SHOE: Olivia Morris

Check out the retro colors.
Last Friday I attended a blogger event at a showroom where several designers’ Fall 2008 collections were featured including Thuy, WILLOW, and Thrive, to name a few. But I fell DEEPLY in love with a brand of shoes to which I hadn’t previously been introduced: Olivia Morris.

Her shoes are crafted from DELECTABLE Italian leather and just speak to a usually ignored part of my psyche. She chooses the most unusual, retro “ish” (greyish, blueish) colors to create shoe confections that are very a-higher-rent-circa 1955 Lorraine McFly.

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Check out’s Green Coverage!

In honor or Earth Day, check out these stories on

Click here to see what eco-chic brands made it into ELLE’s list of 30 “Green with Style Envy” feature.

Click here to learn which beauty products ELLE’s beauty department have given green stars.

Click here to read about holistic beauty for dummies.

For more green features, check out the rest of’s Earth Day coverage here.

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Beauty for a Good Cause: Fundraiser for Meadow Quinn

This story breaks my heart.

Northeast PA 1st grader, Meadow Quinn, needs to raise $70,000 to pay for a feeding clinic program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Meadow Quinn has a disease called Neurofibromatosis. She has several inoperable tumors and has been fed through a feeding tube since she was 18 months old. The feeding clinic requires a 4 week stay will help her to learn to eat like any other 7 year old. But most tragically, her insurance company won’t pay for it.

So far $42,000 has been raised. Would you like to help? Then please take a look at the ebay auctions Shannon from A Girl’s Gotta Spa has generously set up to raise the funds. Click here to learn more about the auction on Shannon’s blog. Included in the auction are some Heatherette for MAC goodies, NARS cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden, and more.

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Help me get to Paris!

Remember this contest? Well, TotalBeauty is having a related one for their bloggers. There’s a beauty trade show held in Paris every year called Beyond Beauty, and TotalBeauty is sending THREE of its bloggers to the summit in Paris in October. Who would enjoy a trip to Paris more than MOI, I ask you? Not one person. The deal is, whichever blogger pulls in the most traffic to the site via links will win. So I need you, my most fab Internet friends to click here to enter the contest and by doing so, you’ll enter me for the trip to Paris. Mmkay? Thanks, dolls.

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