Lash Extensions… or Lancome?

After we left the Ted Gibson Salon on Wednesday, Kristen from TotalBeauty, who’d been sitting next to me at the interview, asked me if I’d had LASH extensions. Because my lashes were looking super-long. First of all. I immediately informed Kristen that we needed to hang out every MINUTE. Anyone who suggests I’ve had a beauty procedure when I haven’t even is welcome in my lifestyle. Secondly: I’m not even sure how lash extensions work. I’ve been using Lancome DÉFINICILS ($23) and it is my new fave mascara. I’m deeply into the patented rubber brush (once you go rubber, you can’t go back) that defines, separates, and minimizes clumps. My lashes are long and curl, naturally. They are indeed, my “moneymaker” as Mary Rambin says. But this mascara takes them to a whole other level. I recommend applying on TOP of your lashes and then sweeping it on underneath. I never understand how some women only blink it on underneath. I feel like the only person who sees you’re wearing mascara when you apply it that way – is you.

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Ted Gibson: Unplugged.

Last night, TotalBeauty arranged for some bloggers to have an “unplugged” interview with Ted Gibson at his Fifth Avenue salon. I finally got to meet Tia Williams and Risi-Leanne Baranja and caught up with Erika, Kristen, Marina and Anne as well.

I have to tell you: I adore that Ted. He is so calm and unaffectedly real. He’s a little baby bit shy and punctuates with his shoulders. I learned last night that he’s originally from Texas, has a father who was in the military, and even played football in high school. After high school, he studied fashion before delving into the beauty world. He’s as sweet as his beloved wild orchid extract which makes a cameo in nearly all of his products’ ingredient lists.

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Promtastic Products

Have I mentioned that I adore all things prom-related? I do. It was my DREAM to be the beauty editor of a teen magazine… mostly because I wanted to write the hell out of the beauty section in the magazine’s PROM ISSUE.

My own prom experiences were pretty faboo. I attended my junior prom with my BF at the time, Bob. The whole situation was very high school-girl-in-suburbia. He was VERY pretty (prettier than I… one of the many reasons we broke up and I have since only been able to stomach very virile dudes) and provided me with a gorge multi-colored corsage that matched my cinderella-at-the-ball blue gown to perfectsh. My fabulous gay friend Ted escorted me to my senior prom where I wore a champagne Jessica McClintock to-die gown and he wore a coordinated champagne vest. We talked massive trash on Bob and his new GF whilst dancing and surprisingly, it turned out to be better than the previous prom.

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See Dr. Jana Klauer at the New York or New Jersey Lancôme Boutique Locations

The Lancôme New York boutique (April 5th) and at the Lancôme store in Short Hills mall (April 4th) are hosting events featuring famed Park Avenue celebrity nutritionist Dr. Jana Klauer. This New York Times best-selling author of How The Rich Get Thin will be working one-on-one with clients sharing insider tips on the importance of linking inner health to the everyday beauty regimen. She will also provide the inside scoop on nutritional tips from her yet-to-be-released book, The Park Avenue Nutrionist’s Plan.

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Champagne, Chandeliers and Charmingly Choice Blonde Cheveux at Chris Chase

So after a year and a half of embracing my natural color (dark dirty blonde), I realized that the minute my realness had finally infiltrated each strand and this long winter without a single vaca had rendered it COMPLETELY devoid of lightness, I desperately needed to be blonde again. DESPERATELY. It was fun to switch it up and my hair thanked me for improving its health, and my finances rejoiced from being released from the burden of thrice-a-year partials, but let’s be real. The money I invest in highlights I get back in free drinks. REALLY. It’s not the case for everyone. I have friends who are GORGE as brunettes. Angelina Jolie is a prime example of a gal who loses all allure as a blonde. But I’m not one of these people. There’s a direct relationship between my flirting capabilities, my happiness and the color of my hair. I’d heard about the fantastic Shane at the Chris Chase Salon in Chelsea and made an appointment for the next DAY.

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Get an Elizabeth Grant’s Biocollasis Advanced Cellular Eye Cream When you Book on in April, New York’s only no cost personal
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Happy April Fool’s Day!

You guys. I hope you didn’t seriously think I was planning on skimping on my beauty updates to contribute to a BOND blog. I think a BOND blog sounds so boring that I don’t even want to TALK about one, let alone write one. But anywho, I appreciate that you guys support me no matter what fachachta (means crazy in Yiddish) thing I decide to do. :)

Shecky’s Teaches you how to Care for your "Girls"

Shecky’s just published a hilar piece called “Boob Beauty: Taking Care of the Girls.” I’ve actually been reading about this new approach regarding the skin on your breasts as being just as delicate as the skin on your undereye area. The idea is that treat “them” with just as much care. I’m not above it. Dr. Brandt’s V Zone Neck Cream looks like something I may need to try.

Celebs are Loving Dior Makeup!

This just in: check out which celebs are rocking Dior.

Demi Moore loves Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Pink Protege #664 and Crayon Eyeliner in Precious Violet. Her film Flawless is currently in theatres.

Renee Zellweger adores DiorShow Mascara in Black and Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen in #001 and #002. Her new movie Leatherheads will premiere next week. I can’t wait to see that one. I adore the Cloons and Jim Halpert from The Office.

Christina Aguilera is into Rouge Dior Lipstick in Red Premiere #752 and Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Sky Glow.

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