Arte Y Pico Award

The fab Melissa picked BBJ to win the Arte Y Pico award! Thanks, Melissa! BTW, I just finished the second book in her series, Violet by Design and LOVED it. This one takes place mostly in Brazil. Can you even? There’s even a fictional Gisele-type in the book whom Violet gets to work with. And a cute male Brazilian designer. Do check it out.

Here are the rules of the Arte Y Pico Award:

1. Pick 5 blogs that deserve the award for creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogging community, no matter what language.

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Carol’s Column: Elizabeth Arden Day Renewal Emulsion

By Carol (my mother)

Greetings Everyone!

In honor of Mother’s Day, as the mother of the Fabulous Amber, I’ve been invited by my daughter to write about anti-ageing [ed. note: my mother INSISTS on spelling aging the British way. I think it’s a byproduct of reading the FT.] products and/or other products aimed at the “mature woman.”

Since I’ve always thought of ageing as an inevitable decline in physical beauty (we’ll leave spiritual beauty out of this for the nonce), I was shocked (in a good way) recently when I encountered a woman at a party whom I hadn’t seen in at least ten years. Formerly, my strongest impression of her was her almost garish coloring, i.e., extremely black hair juxtaposed with bright green eye shadow and ripe red lipstick. For a “woman of a certain age” it was a bit much. Flash forward to the party. She is now 81 years old, bent, and walking with a cane. But she looked gorgeous! Her hair was now a soft, dark grey, her eyes delicately shadowed and lovely. Her make-up was perfectly applied, everything in balance. She looked beautiful and I told her so. Twice. Apparently, physical beauty can emerge at any age. That is truly inspiring.

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Tagged: Beauty Secrets

Miss Marina of Makeup Loves Me has tagged me to discuss my beauty secrets! Most of these selections I’ve fully reviewed in the past, so just type on in the names in the search bar on your right to learn more about each product.

My Foundation: I’m in an LTR (long term relash) with Elizabeth Arden Intervene SPF 15.

My Mascara: Lancome High Definicils.

My Blush: Therapy Systems Gel Blush in Portofino Rose- LOVE this stuff. It’s a gorge sheer rose.

My Eye Shadow: Lately I’m loving a discontinued Clinique Shadow Trio in Metallic Pewter… that’s about a DECADE old. I know. I KNOW. I never keep my cosmetics that long… except for this one. It’s THE BEST gray/silver palette EVER IN THE WORLD. WHY, Clinique, WHY did you discontinue this? I’m almost totally out.

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Mother’s Day Gift Recs

I can’t believe I’m this late to the Mother’s Day party. I swear I’m planning on giving something to my mother, who is the best one EV. Just today she called me on the phone to laugh about these Bruno Magli shoes she saw while shopping. We obv have to hold a mini-summit every single time Bruno Magli shoes come up since 1997 when OJ Simpson referred to them as “ugly ass shoes.”

Anywho. Here are two gifts your mom will LOVE:

butter LONDON Treatment Pack
butter LONDON has a fabulous treatment pack for manicures and everything your mom needs to heal, repair, and strengthen nails and cuticles. All products are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP. The pack includes: Handbag Holiday, Cuticle Oil, Horse Power Nail, Fertilizer, Nail Foundation, Flawless Basecoat, Melt Away, Cuticle Eliminator, Hardwear, P.D. Quick Topcoat. $72 at

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In Honor of the Owner of the Best Curled Ends, Ever.

Sad news, friends. I was so sorry and stunned to learn of the passing of my FAVORITE teacher ever, Mrs. Patterson. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and died last Thursday. My BFF Lee called to tell me the news last night. We both took her mysteriously titled 7th grade Language class, and then took her phenom class Advanced Diction and Rhetoric as high school juniors. Mrs. Patterson, in addition to my mother, was my grammar MENTOR and is partially responsible for the fact that I’m so ridiculously consumed by it. It was she who introduced me to Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, three of my favorite books to this day.

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FAB breaking news: has collaborated with New York fashion and wedding gown designer Lela Rose to offer customers a limited edition beauty valise filled with prestige beauty products. The exclusive Lela Rose Travel Bag comes just in time for vacay season and is available to customers with a purchase of $100 or more on

The superchic limited edition Lela Rose “mini-valise” features Lela’s signature dot print for 2008 with vintage luggage trim and feminine detailing. The travel bag is perfect for toting beauty essentials, with useful built-in features such as brush holders and zippered plastic compartments for more delicate items. What’s better than that? Not one thing.

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Givenchy’s Summer Collection

This just in, the highlights from Givenchy’s Summer Collection:

Prismissime Mat & Glow Compact Face Powder

9-shade compact employs a variety of matte finish bronze hues that swirl
together to add a bronzed effect, plus shimmering golden tones to highlight
and provide warmth.
Shades: Natural, Sunny (Limited Edition)
Price: $50

Glitter to Go Fresh’n Shine Body Gel

Enhanced with golden and pink tones to enhance and enliven a tanned,
flushed glow, this cooling potion is perfect for drawing attention.
Packaged in take-everywhere sachets, they’re destined to be the beauty
staple of the season.
Price: $35 10 monodoses (Limited Edition)

Tan To Go SPF10 Sun Powder Spray, Instant Natural Tan

The lightweight formula provides uniform color, SPF 10 and antioxidant
protection from green tea extracts. In light or deep hues to provide a
healthy tan glow, this highly portable beauty tool gives the perfect
finishing touch.
Shades: Sandy Tan, Amber Tan (Limited Edition)
Price: $45

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Get Lippy

Hey, gals!

How was your weekend? Mine was exhaustion-inducing nearly to the point of mono, but so super FUN. Thursday was a party in the city at Buddah Bar and Tenjune and then Friday we drove out to Montauk where we relaxed for a night and then recommenced the wildness on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, we went to the spa at Gurney’s Inn Resort where I had an hour-long massage, an indulgence I never allow myself. Usually my massages are limited to a 10 minute one after a manicure on a rare basis. My massage guy, Michael, did a good job, but I am definitely sore still. I think we have a difference of opinion about what “medium pressure” means. He’s very knowledgeable about vitamins and even took a class with Dr. Weil at Columbia. However, I didn’t love when he informed me that I need to wear high heels far less often. The chances of that happening are slim to none, Michael. I’m a single gal in Manhattan. Anyway. Let’s talk about my fave spring lip prods, mmkay?

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