Lock it up.

Gals, happy Friday. I hesitate to admit this, but I really don’t like to share my products. Obviously, I’m happy to lend some gloss when we’re on the go, or provide “night makeup” for a Day-to-Night Barbie transformation for a friend who can’t make it home to spruce up on a weeknight. But free-for-all sharing of cosmetics and beauty products makes me intensely NERV. In college, I lived with SIX other girls in a most communist beauty/fashion situation. I’m still missing key items I dream about including but not limited to a blouse I purchased while studying abroad in Paris and numerous cosmetics. One morning, I skipped a class and returned to my room only to find one roommate who will remain nameless using all my products while I was gone. And she freaked because I startled her. My deepest APOLOGIES, roommate who will remain nameless. I would never want to startle YOU whilst you were doing your daily primping in my room. How rude of me.

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Molton Brown and Free Champagne? We are Amused!

Molton Brown
is celebrating the Queen’s birthday on Monday, April 21st by holding champagne toasts every hour. What fun! The only thing better than a champagne toast? Having one hourly!

For every $82 spent (as the Queen is turning 82) at any Molton Brown store throughout NYC, each customer will receive a free gift in honor of her birthday. Might I suggest their utterly phenom Warming Eucalyptus & Ginger Body Scrub (pictured – $48)? I just purchased it a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you.. it’s a GIFT.

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Weekend Beauty Reads from the Beauty Blog Network

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic finds a great new gel eyeliner!

makeup loves me is helping you get ready for wedding season, by giving away 10 sets of french manicure fake nails!

StyleBell tries the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protecting Spray and loves it!

A Touch of Blusher is putting gold on the lips.

The Makeup Divas reviews and falls in love with La Mer foundations and powder.

Beauty Anonymous loves the natural-looking makeup from Physicians Formula Matte Collection Quad Eye Shadow.

Girl Gloss loves the all natural classic flavored lip balms from the Badger Company.

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Elemis Earth Day Celebration

On April 22nd, in recognition of Earth Day, Elemis, the luxury British spa and skincare brand, will plant a tree for every guest who has an Elemis spa service in any spa on land, at sea or when an Elemis product is purchased online at www.timetospa.com. The trees will be planted through the Arbor Day Foundation, the largest tree planting organization in the world.

For a full list of 185 spa locations participating in this Earth Day event visit: www.timetospa.com/earthday. The goal is to plant over 10,000 trees. As if you need a reason to spa?

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Don’t Squirrel Away this Mousse

I wasn’t prepared to like Olay Body Quench Mousse ($8). It lay dormant in my stash waiting for me to choose it but I was simultaneously intrigued and put off by its mousse consistency. Like any child of the 80s with curly hair, I am VERY used to mousse. I’m not saying it doesn’t work well, I just loathe the tackiness it leaves on my hands in its wake and on the floor when I spill it (I’m a mage spiller.) I was thinking, how can a mousse which makes things tacky and sticky, fulfill my expectations of a moisturizer, that is to say, make me hydrated and smooth?

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Achieve Promtastic HAIR with hairdo

Just in time for April proms, I have to let you in on a little promtastic hair secret. I am living for hairdo Salon Clip-In Hair Extensions ($88) from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. They come in several lengths from 10″ to 23″ and also in two textures, wavy and straight. Yours truly has been rocking the 23″ wavy in the privacy of my own home for now… but I’m TOTES packing it up when I go to the Bahamas in June when I’ll be a bridesmaid in my friend Amber’s wedding. I’m hoping my stylist there can somehow incorporate them into my ‘do. They approach the city limits of Cheesyville for everyday wear, but for special nights out, weddings, PROMS, and the like, they’re simplement parfaits. They add luscious length and/or volume to your own hair and are virtually undetectable because you clip it in under your regular hair.

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Q&A: Prom Eye Makeup

Sunshine asks:
Q: I’m 18 and my prom is this Friday, April 18th. I was thinking about getting my makeup done, but I’ve had a few too many unfortunate experiences with getting it done professionally. So, I decided that I’d do it myself.
My dress is silky black with silver as the secondary color. Any ideas as to what I should do with my eye makeup?

A: Sunshine, what a phenom question. I am loving that you’re wearing a silky black slash silver dress on the big night. I’m NERV because your prom is in five minutes and I’m on 15 diff deadlines right now, but this blog was born from procrastination and also? You had me at “prom.” I love a prom. I have a few recommendations for you, OBV.

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Your Lifestyle Just Infinitely Improved: Introducing T3’s New T3 Pro Collection

I talk about my T3 Evolution with the same pride as a Tribeca mom when she speaks about her totes precocious toddler. It’s the best dryer I’ve ever used. It’s the Mercedes of hair dryers. But maybe you’re not evolved enough financially to drop $300 on a dryer. You’re all, “Quit playing games with my HEART, T3.” Who can blame you? That’s a lot of coin.

T3’s new Pro Collection includes a new Pro Dryer that is equipped with the same T3 patented Flawless infusion process, and the same frizz-fighting, cuticle-sealing Tourmaline technology to deliver the exact same results at a much sexier price tag. $119 in fact. I tested this adorable pink bad boy out and EVERYTHING was the same except that it took a bit longer to style my hair. I found myself running the dryer on the same section of hair once or twice more often than when I use my Evolution. As opposed to the Evolution which dries hair 70% faster than a normal dryer, this dries your hair 50% faster. To save $180, I think you’ll be able to live. I clocked it and it took me 15 minutes instead of my usual 10. It still includes 2 speed and 3 heat controls, a cool shot, a straightening attachment and a professional length cord. Body? Check. Chic smooth sleekness? Check. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in savings, results and gorge pink style.

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TotalBeauty.com Celebrates Earth Day with “Totally Green Sweepstakes”

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, TotalBeauty.com, is set to launch an eco-awareness campaign and their biggest sweepstakes to date, the “Totally Green Sweepstakes.” Starting April 17th through June 5th, TotalBeauty.com will launch the eco-beauty feature and sweepstakes, benefitting HealthyChild.org, while educating women on making eco-conscious beauty choices. One lucky winner will win a new 2008 Saturn Vue Hybrid car filled with a year’s supply of luxurious green and organic beauty products. Pretty phenom, right?

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Shower Rotation: Herbal Essences Body Envy Shampoo and Molton Brown Reawakening Mer-Rouge Hair Hydramasque

This divine-smelling shampoo is a drugstore DARLING. Scented with white nectarine and pink coral flower, it lathers to the max and leaves hair with substantial lift and volume at the root. All this for $3.99. What’s better? Not one thing.

These days I’m loving it with Molton Brown Reawakening Mer-Rouge Hair Hydramasque ($40). Three to five minutes with this mask that includes amino acids, vitamins and dulse sea extracts yields soft, silky hair. I find I can’t use bodifying conditioners on my color-treated mane but the combo of a volume-inducing shampoo and an uber-hydrating mask gives me the exact big-yet-smooth texture I crave. Herbal Essences plus Molton Brown is my new fave cra combo.

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