Red Carpet: International Emmy Awards

Seeing so many stars of my various fave shows all on the same red carpet was sort of like the Laff-a-lympics. Unfortunately, I had to go it alone on this red carpet as my entertainment editor Lauren couldn’t join me due to limited room. It was kind of tough to scribble notes whilst furiously taking photos with my lame Canon amongst real, live (and in some cases, cute) photographers, but I made it happen because I owe this to you, dolls. I know you can’t live if living is without my commentary on this event.

Oh, and bt dubs? Right across the street was the red carpet for the Australia premiere with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. Doesn’t it just figure that I spent all day thinking I’m cool – I may or may not have started conversations about my plans yesterday evening, making sure to involve the words “serious entertainment reporter” – and then I’m right across the street from an event totally blows my own (admittedly, quite fabulous) event right out of the water? WhatEV. Anywho, check the highlights.

Stanford Blatch (A.K.A. Willie Garson)! YAY! I barely handled my excitedment. He told the crowd (when we asked) that his glasses are vintage, from the ’40s. To which, a hilar photog was like, “The only thing cooler than that is saying your glasses are from… the future.” Agreed. He looks pretty swank, n’est-ce pas?

This is Vanessa Saba from Peru who looked GORGE. The details on that dress are TO DIE. It goes so well with her haircolor.

This guy’s name is Patrick… and he’s dead sexy. That’s all.

Law & Order‘s Sam Waterson! I made the Law & Order “dun dun” sound for him.

I loved this sparkly gold sheath.

Kind of short for a red carpet, but kicky and fun. It’s very Teen Vogue somehow.

Lipstick Jungle‘s Paul Blackthorne! He is looking pretty fly, n’est-ce pas? My fave role was the one he played on 24 as a total antagonist a few seasons back. Remember how he spent so much time making Zoolander faces and annoying Jack Bauer?

Gossip Girl‘s Kelly Rutherford was one of the event’s presenters. I thought she looked gorge in her Catherine Malandrino one-shouldered gown. Her hair was twisted into an “undone” knot. P.S. after the event, I had dins at Chipotle where they were totes busy making an order of 80 tacos for a huge order placed for the set of Gossip Girl nearby.

Remember Marcus Schenkenberg? He was the primo male model back in the Calvin Klein grunge days of the ’90s. He’s still pretty spicy.

Am I a loser for FREAKING OUT upon seeing Judith Light? I feel like I KNOW her from her days as Who’s the Boss‘s Angela Bower. Is it wrong that I still want nothing more than to watch that show uninterrupted every time I’m hungover? Judith, I’m so ready for a “brand new life around the bend.” She’s a DOLL in person, and very pretty. She was rocking some major lashes with her Nicole Miller gown and Fred Leighton jewels.

Judith adjusted her wrap to be more “Oprah”-style.

Heather Tom rocked out in a form-fitting Herve Leger dress and some to DIE silver shoes.

Check her makeup – I love that plummy lip.

This little dude was so adorable. I just wanted to put him in my little pocket.

Check it! Apropos of nothing, he jumped into a “Bruce Lee” pose!

Here’s another one!

Brenda Asnicar hails from Argentina, perpetuating the generalization that Argentinians are the best looking people on the PLANET. I think she looked the best overall. I love her girly pink dress. It’s by a local Argentinian designer.

Makeup was flawless, and the ballet-style bun was perfect, in keeping with the ballerina theme.

Check out the train. Gorge!

Andrea Roth donned a champagne-colored satin dress. I lurved the color, but didn’t love the way the fabric pulled around her pelvis. No, thank you. Hair and makeup get an A+, howevs.

Whose look are you loving the most? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Anonymous

    you must have miss the stunning angel locsin with the white gows. she’s just the headturner in the red carpet. :DDD


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