Sondra Roberts Offers BBJ Readers 20% Discount

Happy Sunday, friends!

Do you know about Sondra Roberts? They make phenom handbags and have for more than 25 years, renowned for unique designs, top-quality Italian leathers and use of exotic skins.

Their python print is singularly special. They wanted to offer a bag with the same look and feel of a genuine python bag for much less. Every season, Sondra Roberts’ owners go to Italy to review and select the hottest trends for their line. Last year they found the leather that was used to create their very-genuine-looking-and-yet-faux line, and were impressed with the material’s quality. It’s not simply a python PRINT. The bag actually has scales that look and feel like the real thing. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my Snake Framed Hobo in Cognac, a rich brown. You could compare to Michael Kors’ python bag which retails for about $3,000 to Sondra Roberts for $500-600.

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"My Hair Looks Major Right Now."

Dolls, the title refers to Head & Shoulders Ambassador Ben Skervin‘s hilarious comment about maintaining hair’s health. Per Ben, the goal should be having healthy hair that doesn’t require a lot of work to hide flaws, because it should be looking glosstrous and healthy to begin with. As in, so healthy, that you want to shout from rooftops, “my hair looks MAJOR right now.” He shared these tips with us to take hair from spring/summer to fall/winter:

1. Repair bleached hair with a deep conditioner
2. Cut dry ends
3. Choose rich or dark colors for winter – vegetable rinses are a fab way to achieve the look
4. Cold winter air wreaks havoc – another reason to deep condition regularly once the air turns crisp
5. Use steam rollers, a less damaging method of heat to curl hair

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Splendid Weekend Reads

From the Splendicity community, comes this week best in beauty, fashion and shopping.


Style Manila throws a question on locally-made shoes: where have all the Marikina shoes gone?

Tops 2 Bottoms presents a stylingThe Man’s Suit for her Work Wear Monday Series.

The Space Between My Peers presents a fashion lab proving boxy tops are not the most flattering option.

Just A Formality loves this pink Justin Alexander ball gown for a fairy tale wedding.

Petite Fashionista knows the secret of olympic athletes and highlights a few petite powerhouses, that proves you don’t have to be big to be strong!

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Total Beauty Web Tour

Are you looking for a foundation that will give you that Peaches and Cream complexion? Find out what products The Makeup Divas reviews and recommends.

Viva Woman shares her tips on application techniques for foundation powder.

Get Jamie’s take on what she feels is the Holy Grail of styling lotions atGirl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog.

Monique at Beauty Girl Musings shares her first FOTD featuring Bobbi Brown’s Mauve Face Palette!

CHANEL Introduces Coco Mademoiselle Shimmering Touch and Twist & Spray-Talking Makeup!

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Weekend Reads from the Beauty Blog Network

Find out how you can WIN $365 bucks worth of Stila products during The Daily Cookie’s anniversary celebration!

The Muse is rounding up concealers! Check out a brand new concealer review for the weeks ahead at Musings of a Muse! No brand goes untouched! Lancome, Jelly Pong Pong, MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Drugstore Concealer finds are just some of the reviews the Muse will be diving into!

A Touch of Blusher got to meet YSL’s latest eye palette

The Makeup Divas tells you about a skinvigorating gift set that includes all the tools for looking better.

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Shoe Porn: Loeffer Randall Gracie Bow Flat

It’s hard to get that excited about a flat, but this one, which I found out about via Splendora, does it for me. Its $425 price tag, however, most decidedly does not do it for me. This one won’t be joining me in my lifestyle anytime soon. But until then, I’ll be staring at its photo in longing.

Also, stay tuned for a post about a Head & Shoulders presentation I attended on Wednesday with Marina and Dina. Dina even made the hilar joke that we should anticipate a lot of flaky culinary delights at the dinner – a lot of filo dough, perhaps, and croissants. Hilar. I know ‘druff isn’t glamorous, but I took copious notes about it and its causes, which are quite interesting. Stylist/Head & Shoulders ambassador Ben Skervin also gave a delightful presentation where he made the unwitting mistake (in that you guys will tire of it quickly – when I like to say something, I say it ad nauseum) of uttering my new catch phrase. What is it? You’ll find out later today.

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Allure Free Stuff!

I’m late to the party about this, but those Burberry shoes are so gorge, I had to tell you girls, albeit totally late. Starting last Friday, Allure‘s been hosting several giveaways each weekday, and will be for the entire month of August. A total of 34,328 prizes will be distributed.

They’re giving away some really divine fashion and beauty loot from the pages of
AllureBurberry pumps, Gwen Stefani’s new Harajuku Lovers fragrances, Lancome High Resolution Collaser 5x Intense Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Chanel’s
Rose Tourbillon polish, Estee Lauder’s new TurboLash All Effects Motion
and more.

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