Oscars 2009 Beauty and Fashion: Liveblogging!

Okay, the first problem is at is that I thought the red carpet segment started at 8, not 6. Epic OOPS.

I’ll try to catch up, I promise.

Amy Adams looks STUNNING. I plan to rock red with a multi-colored epic necklace immediately. WHAT lipstick is she wearing. It’s plum plum.

Heidi Klum’s hair isn’t doing it for me and it SO usually does. Her dress is pretty. Her shoulders are even shinier than Kim Cattrall’s.

Phoebe Cates is also rocking red. Clearly, red is the color of the night.

I want to WEAR that black Marchesa dress with flair that Vanessa Hudgens is rocking. It’s so very Baudelaire’s Flowers of Evil. In a good way. If you know what I mean and I think you do.

Anthony Hopkins cleans up well.

Emile Hirsch is looking pretty spicy.

I think I missed Robert Pattinson on the red carpet and it’s making me want to cry a little bit.

Freida Pinto is officially the most gorge girl in the world. But she could have done better than that dress. It’s Ish Don’t Think So Mermaidy.

I’m into Virginia Madsen’s structured red dress. She could use more dramatic eye makeups.

Taraji P. Henson looks great. Her smoky eye is flawless and she has some of the best brows I’ve seen. Um, she just showed AMERICA her Spanx.

John Legend’s date needs to lock it up with that cleave. It’s the Oscars, doll.

Angelina’s hair looks AMAZING. AMAZING. I’ve never seen it look better. She’s wearing a black dress per ush. But those earrings are fantastic. I must get some knockoffs. The brand is Lorraine Schwartz, I just found out.

Diane Lane has looked better. But her highlights haven’t. They’re TO DIE.

Once again, Amanda Seyfried rocks an awesome lip color. She is ALSO wearing red. But damn is that an aggressive bow.

SJP looks super pretts. That color is the color her hair is SUPPOSED to be. I love her “barely mint” dress.

Anne Hathaway has set a personal beauty record.

Okay, Robert Pattinson has DEFINITELY looked better. I’m not into his Oscar scruff. I’m so disappointed.

Natalie Portman’s dress is so Pepto in a GOOD way.

One shoulder is so over, it needs a new word for over. EVERYONE is rocking it. I just think most people look better in a more symmetrical cut.

I love that the Oscars is the one time when PricewaterhouseCoopers is remotely exciting. I should know. I used to work there.

I’m into Meryl’s taupey grey dress.

My roommate threw Tilda a “feh” again. I appreciate that she’s wearing some makeup (for the LOVE!) but why is she wearing a sack?

Is Angelica Houston still relevant? I hate what she’s wearing.

Goldie Hawn is channeling the trashy character she played in The Banger Sisters. There’s a woman in desperate need of a good bra. Feh.

Wow. Jennifer Aniston isn’t boring me to death tonight! I adore her “The City” frontal fishtail. I need to practice doing one tonight. Do they HAVE to pan to Angelina and Brad whilst she’s talking? For the love. That is SO rude.

You know Amanda Seyfried is DYING that she’s next to RPatz. You know it.

Jessica Biel’s dress. Worst dress of the Oscars. What was her stylist thinking? Erika thinks she’s preg. I agree.

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