Lint-on-the-go in L.A.

That's a pic of my friend Ji (short for Jill) and me at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in L.A.(I'm on the left).So I TOTALLY don't intend to alienate any of my L.A. readers (hi dolls!), but I once read a book that described L.A. as "the shortest joke in the world" and I have to say that I agree. Don't get me wrong, I love the weather, the sites, the Reg Bev Wil, the celeb sightings, the dining (even though J, L, and I were the only ones EATING)… but it's so not ME there. I'm kind of… insulted that Continue Reading [...]

Hola from Mexico!

Hola dolls! Just a quick hi to let you know I didn't forget about you. My L.A. slash San Diego slash Cabo trip is great! In Cabo as we SPEAK and am so sad to return back to my normal lifestyle manana. Have had lots of cra adventures, determined that I'd never live in L.A. on a dare (no one walks ANYWHERE and the whole place is deadsky by 1am), am loving this tea tree/witchhazel treatment that Boots created (more on that later), and was HORRIFIED to learn that my Friendster account mysteriously Continue Reading [...]

Non-Contraband Hairspray is Good for the Soul

I had the opportunity to try out L'Oreal Professionnel Infinium 3 Strong Hairspray and am SO pleased to report that is indeed, a replacement for my beloved Elnett. Just like Elnett, it's a strong, long-lasting spray that will still allow you to brush it out. While Elnett is fantastic, It's a) plum impossible to buy in the U.S. and b) sort of smells the way your elderly aunt Ethel does. It's not really... sexy. The other drawback about Elnett is that because it's so hard to buy (seriously, it's Continue Reading [...]

Achieve Higher Quality Beauty Sleep

Yesterday was bad, friends. It started with this: this crazed, muttering, seemingly homeless woman is walking on the street in front of me as I'm trying to get to work in the morning. She's walking the way they teach you to should you be chased by an alligator. You know, zigzagging, basically taking up the entire street. I'm simply trying to go AROUND her, so I pass her on the left, wearing my iPod… and she takes a SWING at me. If she weren't so drunk/cra/whatever, she may have HIT me. Okay? Continue Reading [...]

Beauty on the Go: Boots Nail Polish Remover Pads

A small jar 15 pads costs about $4. My former roommate J picked these up for me on a recent trip to London. She knows as an Anglophile, I ESPECIALLY enjoy British beauty products, especially when they come from Boots. I was expecting them to...remove nail polish. Let's just say I had low expectations, and was shocked at how well these little pads work. One pad removes all the polish on both hands- including those tenacious dark polishes (or varnishes, if you are British, and I am. On the inside). Continue Reading [...]

Need a Benefit Instant Beauty Solution?

NYC gals can hit up Bloomingdales on 59th Street in NYC.Benefit Cosmetics counters are buzzing with Beauty Patrol excitement during the months of September & October. Their Beauty Patrol will be issuing citations to all those gals who are in "violation" of looking their best. Forgot your lip gloss? Need a little perk-me-up? Benefit's beauty artists will get you looking gorgeous with Benefit's instant beauty solutions. Beauty officers are patrolling now in a Macy's near you... See below for a list Continue Reading [...]

Red Carpet Commentary

Sorry, the Emmys are so TWO DAYS ago and I haven't said one thing other than that I continue to be obsessed with Becki Newton's general lifestyle. Guys. Where on Earth was the LOST love? I don't understand. I know sci-fi shows are too nerdy to really be considered mainstream, but even theworst episode of LOST is still better than the best episode of any other show I've ever SEEN. I'm so glad Terry O'Quinn who plays Locke won for Outstanding Supporting Actor. He is so phenom in that role. But Continue Reading [...]