Behati Prinsloo’s Beauty Routine + More: Destination Procrastination

All about Victoria’s Secret Angel (and new fiancee of Adam Levine) Behati Prinsloo’s beauty routine

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Three beauty mistakes you don’t know you’re making, and how to solve them

Bryce’s Hamptons weekend included Hard Candy polish, Cadillacs and fun times at the beach
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Fictitious Fragrance Fan: Stephanie Seymour In The ‘November Rain’ Video

Welcome to  BBJ series, Fictitious Fragrance Fans. Fragrance is one of the most difficult areas of beauty to discuss and I find myself trying to convey a scent to you, more often than not, by the pop culture character it embodies to me. So why not make it a thing?

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What’s On Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr’s Vanity ?

The What’s On Your Vanity Series showcases a single beauty item a beauty insider loves because it’s effective, but also she feels she must keep out on top of her vanity because the gorgeous packaging must be displayed.

This morning I interviewed the lovely Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret angel extraordinaire, about what’s on her vanity at the Victoria’s Secret store reopening in Herald Square. She was the portrait of lovely and even engaged Amber Kallor from Shape and me in a dance party to one of her favorite Latin-influenced songs on her iPhone on the spot. Here’s what’s on her vanity.

 Says Miranda, “I love essential oils. I always keep sandalwood essential oil out and with me and I put it on my pulse points.”  And her holiday party beauty essential? “I wear my line, Kora Organics’ Luxurious Rosehip Oil high in vitamin c, essential fatty acids and anti-aging and it’s certified organic.”

As for her holiday picks? Miranda Kerr would like to be on the receiving end of the Dream Angels Demi Bra ($52-$72), VS Sport items (my favorite for working out) and the Very Sexy Seduction Garter Slip ($68-$88).  All are available at

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Get The Look: Erin Heatherton’s Makeup & Hairstyle At The CFDA Awards

This one’s a little late because I’ve been traveling/sick with the flu, but I think Erin Heatherton looked incredible on the red carpet at the CFDA Awards. To get her show-stopping hair and makeup, follow these easy steps from celebrity makeup artist Quinn Murphy and stylist Brent Lawler. Here, the beauty breakdown on how to get the look.

Get Erin’s Bronzed Bombshell look by applying VS PRO Radiant FX Face Illuminator everywhere the sun naturally hits: forehead, tops of cheekbones, bridge of nose and tip of the chin.

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More Lululemonaid: Victoria’s Secret Yoga V-Front Legging

In my quest for Fergie levels of fitness, I’ve had to invest in many pairs of workout leggings. I’ve thrown down $90+ for Lululemon’s Wonder Unders and while they last a long time, I find I need more pants in my arsenal for my 5-times weekly workout rotation of late. So I went in search of more Lululemonaid, this time in the pants category.

Enter Victoria’s Secret Yoga V-Front Legging. You can choose from four different colors for the band, which hits at the perfect slimming point of your waist so that there’s no muffin top while you’re ridding yourself of muffin top AND it’s opaque enough that no one’s seeing my underpants during the round back portion of Core Fusion.

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What’s On Victoria’s Secret Angel Erin Heatherton’s Vanity?

Erin Heatherton

The What’s On Your Vanity Series showcases a single beauty item a beauty insider loves because it’s effective, but also she feels she must keep out on top of her vanity because the gorgeous packaging must be displayed.

Beauties, yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful luncheon with three Victoria’s Secret Angels at Imperial No. 9 at the Mondrian Soho hotel to fete the launch of the brand’s new fragrance, Love is Heavenly. The fruity-floral is light, pretty and girly without being saccharine, boasting notes of kiwi, dewberry, mandarin flowers and orange zest at the top, middle notes of water lily, peony and exotic orchids and a dry-down of sandalwood, luminous musk, mahogany wood and ebony wood. It’s sultry enough to pique a gentleman’s interest, but fresh enough not to be nauseating on a hot summer night. Tell you more, tell you more? The Victoria’s Secret Love Is Heavenly fragrance retails for $42 (1 ounce) at this month.

The scent!

And naturally, I hit up rumored gal pal of one Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, Erin Heatherton about what’s on her vanity. Here’s what she said:

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Fictionary: Imprompdo

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.
Me rocking my imprompdo. Pic courtesy of Marina!

So on Tuesday, I had to rock an imprompdo–an updo that was more the result of circumstance than my wanting to wear my hair up. Because I NEVER wear my hair up. I believe the last time I did was in 2008 when I was in my friend Amber’s Bahamas wedding and it was about 300 degrees there in June and I was forced to.

My hair is sort of my thing–I rock it the way other people do accessories. But the Viviscal I’ve been taking–while genius, amazing, life-changing, divine–it makes my roots pretty oily after 48 hours. And since Tuesday was an in-office day followed by a Redken event and then a livestream for Victoria’s Secret (Very Sexy For Spring 2012) from 8-11pm, I plum didn’t have time to wash my hair before heading to the evening events. And dry shampoo helps, but not enough. Mama needs a wash. Because it was such a late night, I’d extended my blowout about 8 hours beyond the norm (which is already pushing it, I should really be washing daily when taking Viviscal) and was forced to rock a topknot, my imprompdo of choice. Read on..

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Finest Hour Week: Fragrance


Finest Hour Week concludes with scent, one of your most vital beauty accoutrements for the evening. As you’ll be crammed into limos and sitting at tables with 16 of your nearest and dearest, you’ll want to opt for a fragrance that’s pretty without overpowering. More perfume than PERFUME, if you will. Apply it to the back of your neck to softly scent your gorge mane. Here, my favorite new perfumes for prom.

Just wear one of these fierce fragrances and you won’t have to go to the lengths “Just One Of The Guys”‘ Terri did at the prom to prove your femininity. ‘K?

Burberry Body Mist
Burberry fragrances hit the perfect “I smell EXPENSIVE” goal every time without making the wearer feel like she’s the webmaster of (you’re NOT logging on). The newest iteration of Burberry fragrances, this one boasts top notes of fresh green absinthe, illuminating peach and refined freesia, softer notes of natural rose absolute and iris, and warm tones of sandalwood to form the heart notes. The base includes woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, sensual amber and musk.
$50 at

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The intrepid Sharon Clott gets a “million dollar makeover” from the fierce, ferosh and flawless Christian Siriano with his new line of makeup for Victoria’s Secret Beauty. The best part is at the end, though. Click here to see the video.

P.S. Did you know Christian used to be a makeup artist? What a jack of all TRADES.

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