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The not-so-chic secret to Cara Delevingne’s model weight

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#StressSweat And How To Combat It With Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

This post is sponsored by Secret, but all opinions herein are my own. Product sample provided by Secret. 

Girls, being a beauty writer is a lot of fun. So much so that one allows her career to slowly execute a coup over one’s entire evening and even weekend time. So shoe-horning dating into the schedule when a gal’s got a minimum of 5 post-work beauty launches a week is tough going and requires a full-value Metrocard, logistical know-how (never schedule a date at a venue far from either where you’re coming from or your apartment) and above all, a serious deodorant. 

I put Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response deodorant to the test this week when I endured the sweat-inducing scenarios of trying to be on time to a date when I was at the mercy of long-winded scientists at a skin care event, the MTA taking a dog’s age and trying to do things like stuff a sandwich on my mouth so I’m not drinking (no more than two drinks EVER, as the great Patti Stanger says!) on an empty stomach. The result? The date went well, I pulled off a near teleportation from the Upper East Side to my apartment where I shoved a piece of toast in my mouth before walking to a lounge near my apartment for the date–all without busting a vile, wet sweat, let alone one that smelled remotely unappealing, thanks to Secret Clinical Strength. The light citrus fragrance is fresh and bright and mingles well with my summer perfumes, as well. 

Did you know there are three main causes of sweat? Activity, heat and stress: Stress sweat actually smells the worse because it comes from a different gland. Apocrine glands, which release sweat that’s 80% water and 20% nutrients (lipids & proteins) versus the sweat from heat and activity (from the Eccrine glands which release 99% water). The bacteria that naturally occurs on our skin feeds off of the nutrients from stress sweat which is what causes the odor. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response has proprietary technology in the formula (BCD molecules) that actually traps and locks away odor to neutralize it and then releases a fresh scent, which is most important when protecting you from stress sweat since simply covering it up with fragrance can make you smell even worse

In the meantime, despite having the weight of stress-sweat lifted from my dating lifestyle, I’m still incorporating campaign to free up my weeknights. My weeknight calendar has quietly experienced a coup. After years and years of business dinners with colleagues and publicists, I’ve called a definitive end to evening plans other than beauty events during the week. Please believe me when I tell you that 75% of my meals consumed in the past five years have been in the company of someone in the beauty or fashion industries. And while it was hard to institute (everyone seems to think they’re exempt from it–but this is a serious thing), I’ll have fewer time constraints on scheduling time with straight men instead of with the cheerleading squad that is my life. 

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Three Beauty Brands Determined To Stop Bullying: Secret, Tanda And Soap & Glory

Did you know that more than 30% of female students grades 6-12 were bullied at school or cyberbullied during the 2009 – 2010 school year (report from U.S. Department of Justice)? It’s insane. Even someone as phenomenal as USA gold-medal gymnast Gabby Douglas has dealt with bullying. The “flying squirrel” was called “slave” by incredibly mean-spirited (and horrifyingly bigoted) classmates growing up in Virginia.

The thing that sucks most about bullies is that it takes FOREVER for them to be brought to justice–but rest assured, they always are. It’s so sad that there are children who think that’s the only way to have friends–by creating a veritable cult of personality the likes of a Fascist dictator. Le sigh.

My own bullying story? In 6th grade, there was this girl whose name I would never drop here (Lela). She created a total culture of terror in our middle school class and a group of us were walking on eggshells daily to avoid her wrath. There was zero reason for it. I always remember she would say to me “You think you’re really funny but you’re not.” And even then, I knew she was such a total jerk. I mean, you can say many things to me–but that I’m not funny is just empirically untrue. And I knew it even then. Anywho, by 7th grade, her power had pretty much petered out. And she got knocked up shortly after we graduated from high school and I’m pretty sure she never went to college. She has more children now and seems to have a lovely enough suburban existence, and I’m happy for her. But her life bores the shit out of me. And I’m a paid comedic writer.  Guess other people think I’m funny, Lela.

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Secret Outlast: So Your Pits Aren’t… The Pits

I will pretty much do anything not to sweat.  Read on…

In my apparent agenda to fully emulate a lady of yore, (I fully subscribe to all but extinct dating rituals, I actually faint like a 16th century dame (seriously–it’s happened several times, all unironically) and I frequently forget that I have HD channels, much to Dina‘s exasperation with me) I do everything in my power not to sweat, to only glow. Workout-wise, I stick to Core Fusion and yoga and will go to any lengths to avoid being late. Just the THOUGHT of walking into an event with someone mid-presentation makes me sweaty.

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Sponsored Post: Pantene And Secret Summer Essentials

Dana Oliver, NAOMI WATTS, myself and Andrea Arterbery!

First, some related Pantene news before we get into the brand’s latest summer essential and how to use it. In the pic above is  Dana Oliver, Naomi Watts (Pantene’s new face of their Flat To Volume collection), myself and Andrea Arterbery at an event a couple weeks ago where she took the stage to speak about her latest honor and also introduced a short film about the brand’s Beautiful Lengths program, which encourages women and men to cut and donate their locks to make wigs for cancer patients. Over 20,000 real hair wigs have been donated to the American Cancer Society so far. How moving is that? And now, onto how to address maintaining your cool in a heatwave–specifically from a follicular and pit standpoint…

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Secret Natural Mineral Deodorant: Odor Dies Of Natural Causes!

Odor has died of natural causes! The dude above, BTW, is the detective featured in my favorite Golden Girls episode (the murder mystery episode, obv), The Case of the Libertine Belle. I selected this photo of the gumshoe specifically, because this is the moment when Sophia quipped, “Does anybody but me think the hat is a LITTLE precious?” Priceless. Anywho, Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose were cracking a case of a murder, but our task today is to figure out how odor has died of natural causes

Secret Natural Mineral the latest launch from the deodorant brand and they’ve tapped into a natural, active ingredient which has led to odor’s demise. Calcium carbonate is the natural mineral used in Natural Mineral antiperspirant/deodorant. It was created with minimal processing and is a very pure and high quality form of mineral. Secret senior scientist Rolanda Johnson says that for best results, apply the deo at nighttime right before you go to bed, when the body is at its most natural temperature and most receptive to forming a strong barrier against perspiration. During the daytime the incidence of sweating may be a bit too much for the plug to form effectively. When applied at nighttime, the amount of sweat is very minimal and reaches the surface of the skin to interact with the active ingredient in the antiperspirant, forming a plug in the sweat gland. Reapply in the morning for additional protection.

I’m partial to the Eucalyptus Blossom scent, as I am a koala bear on the inside. Secret Natural Mineral is available for $4 at your local drugstore. 

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Fictionary: Pit-stop

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

I recently started swimming again, after finally coming to terms with the fact that that is the only form of exercise (at a gym–I do enjoy a super-long walk) that I LIKE. Seriously. A New York Health and Racquet just opened right by my apartment with a pool, so I quit my long-term abusive relashe with New York Sports Club, grabbed my Speedo and do some laps in the (albeit tiny–I like to affectionately refer to it as a glorified puddle) pool. Now I know you’re gasping to yourself about my hair–I’m ALSO doing that; I’ll get to the various things I’m doing to protect my color and my moisture levels in future posts–but what I want to discuss is my deodorant reapplication I feel I must do before jumping in.

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Secret Will Host a Webinar to Announce the Secret Sport Challenge and the Opportunity to Win an Athletic Scholarship

Secret is hosting a webinar for you to tune in and hear from world class athletes Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson as they announce the Secret Sport Challenge and an opportunity to win an athletic scholarship.

What: Secret Sport Challenge Webinar with Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson
When: Monday, September 22nd
Time: 5pm Eastern