Fictionary: Pit-stop

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I recently started swimming again, after finally coming to terms with the fact that that is the only form of exercise (at a gym–I do enjoy a super-long walk) that I LIKE. Seriously. A New York Health and Racquet just opened right by my apartment with a pool, so I quit my long-term abusive relashe with New York Sports Club, grabbed my Speedo and do some laps in the (albeit tiny–I like to affectionately refer to it as a glorified puddle) pool. Now I know you’re gasping to yourself about my hair–I’m ALSO doing that; I’ll get to the various things I’m doing to protect my color and my moisture levels in future posts–but what I want to discuss is my deodorant reapplication I feel I must do before jumping in.

Because I’m so used to re-deoing pre-gym, I’m still making a “pit-stop” in the gym locker room to apply  my new Secret Scent Expressions Deodorant Crystal Clear Gel in Ooh-la-la Lavender ($5), my latest underarm accoutrement. Though dunking in some tepid water won’t inspire your glands to perspire (one of the reasons I love swimming instead of say spinning, running or even yoga–I HATE to sweat), I find subtle lavender scent mingles with the chlorine of the pool in a quite soothing manner. I’m one of those weirdos who actually loves the smell of chlorine–it reminds me of the solitude of swimming laps. NO ONE can talk to you when you’re in the water, even if they want to. And it’s one of the few times I’m iPhone-free. I think that’s why Mad Men‘s Don Draper is a fellow swimmer.

As to whether my application of deo isn’t washed away by my being submerged in a pool? Well, the jury’s still out on that one. But one thing’s for sure: I return chez moi with some wet hair–but I’m not schvitzing.

Disclosure: A sample of this product was provided by Secret for editorial consideration

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