Weekly Phenom List: Three Items for Use Post-"Washing That Man Right out of your Hair"

Gals, I can’t help it. I saw South Pacific last night (my parents are in town) and my life is progressing accompanied by its soundtrack. The show was fantastic, by the way. We had seats RIGHT in front. Before that, we noshed on a delish meal at Nice Matin, a French restaurant on 79th and Amsterdam that’s actually owned by the same people who own Marseille, one of my other faves.

Sephora Brand Microfiber Hair Turban ($20): Hair towels are phenom, but you have remember to replace them on an annual basis. My last one’s elastic was totally stretched out and the button used to tie up the ends like a turban, was perilously close to falling off. I love my new replacement by Sephora as it’s reasonably priced, made of thirsty swanky-hotel-robe fabric, and looks luxe to boot. It draws moisture quickly from hair so you can use your extra time to pretend you’re so over that dude.

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Glow-y Days Week: For Bronzed Legs Ready to Rock a Short Power Suit at D&D Advertising

SkinCeuticals Sans Soleil ($28): In the summer I love to rock skirts shorter than those Amanda Woodward wore on Melrose Place. But I won’t dare slip into a short skirt with pasty-white gams. No, no, friends. It’s simply not that kind of party.

I’m self-tanning them up to the max first, and one of my fave options these days is SkinCeuticals Sans Soleil. This is for all you gals who a tan, but hate everything else about self-tanners – the residue, the SMELL, the thirsty-dry skin. This one applies without leaving a film, smells tolerable, and moisturizes. I adore its texture – it absolutely melts into skin. And, it’s substantial (thick) enough to spread easily without worrying about it running. It boasts a pleasant beachy scent. The only thing I don’t love the somewhat hefty price tag (I go through self-tanner like WATER June through September), but the stuff does work.

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Glow-y Days Week: Prescriptives Sunsheen

I adore Prescriptives Sunsheen because it contains SPF 15 – perf for afternoons at the beach when you want a tan, but well – not enough to look like a leather bag. This one will develops into a believable shade by dinnertime. I find the formula is most similar to Darphin Self Tanning Face and Body Tinted Cream – great texture, great creamy caramel color, nice, easy, tinted formula so you won’t channel George Hamilton unwittingly. Fab for the body as well, but I especially love to use this oil-free tinted gem on my face. It holds up well when applied twice a week. Your streak-free tan will develop in three hours and won’t stain your sheets. I love that it’s glitter/sparkle free – who needs that on your face? Not you!

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The Most Golden of Girls

Estelle Getty, who played my favorite wicker purse carrying, lanai-lounging, Sicilian Alzheimer’s victim, Sophia Petrillo, has died at 84. SO SAD!! I was in a meeting when the news broke and I came back to – no joke – 7 emails and a voicemail alerting me to the devastating news.

Photo credit: nytimes.com

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts.

Oh, dolls. I judged a book by its cover and I’m here to tell you that I was wrong. I did not dig the copywriting on Aussie’s new conditioner and I nearly dismissed it for solely that reason. But once I gave both the shampoo and the conditioner a whirl, I have to confess that they’re phenom AND a drugstore bargain at only $3 each.

Protect + Soften I tried this moisturizing shampoo out a few days later and found it to be foamy, cleansing, and adept at taming my frizzies. My highlighted hair absolutely drank in its hydrating ingredients and my hair looked smooth and calm (despite CRA humidity and the fact that I’m still WAY overdue for a haircut – I’m scheduled for one tomorrow morning, lest you worry!).

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Carol’s Column: Makeover by Me

By Carol (my mother)

You have to try new things, I tell myself. You must try new things. I’m making it a mantra. It is so, so easy to fall into a rut, as time goes by, particularly regarding cosmetics.

We’ve all seen faces that seem arrested in their own generational time warp. Like sealed time capsules in deep space, they float by one another and the rest of us, seemingly impervious to change, at least stylistically. You might say they are not so much “old hat” as old face. I can vividly remember an eerie-looking kindergarten teacher of mine, Miss G. Time stopped for her somewhere in the early 1930s. I can still picture her wearing her long, tweed, hobble-skirted coat with its swooping fox collar, framing a face made up to look like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. Those eyebrows! (This, in the era of Doris Day.)

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Nexxus Hairdo How To Contest

Nexxus is hosting a contest for one beauty maven to win an all-expenses paid trip for two to New York City to attend the Nexxus “Shear Genius” Finale party with the cast of Bravo’s hit show!

The second season of BRAVO’s hit reality competition “Shear Genius” is back and full of high-stakes styling action. On the July 16th episode, the show sponsor Nexxus Salon Hair Care, challenged “Shear Genius” contestants to create easy step-by-step instructions on how to style their model’s hair for judging. Now Nexxus wants viewers to get in on the competition with the Nexxus Hairdo How To Contest. The entrant with the best four-step hairdo will win the trip! Additional prizes will also be awarded. Enter or view and vote on the creative entries here.

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Glow-y Days Week: File Under What Self-Tanner Would Veruca Salt Choose?

Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream ($40): Your newly caramel-hued skin will elicit questions about a recent vaca. Its creamy texture (it smells not of DHA, but like a tub of rich pudding – yum, yum, yum) goes on easily and is absorbed immediately, enveloping you in a lucious cocoa aroma. This light cream provides long-lasting (about a week) color and yields an absolutely mistake-proof application. It can concentrate a bit on knees, ankles, feet and elbows, so be sure to apply a bit of rich body lotion to those areas first.

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Run, Don’t Walk: Stila’s VERY LE (Limited Edish) Palette

Girls, listen up. Stila launched their VERY limited edition Front Row Look palette from their Backstage Beauty Collection today. The palette may be purchased on stilacosmetics.com.

Stila is donating 10% of the proceeds from the first 625 palettes sold to Step Up Women’s Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening community resources for women and girls by helping to provide the tools they need to create a better future.

Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain completes the look for the Front Row Palette. If you purchase Cherry Crush, shipping is free!

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