Pour Some Sugar on me: The Scrub of your Life

Marcia Kilgore, mastermind behind Bliss Spas, created an easy-on-your-wallet version of her beauty product line for Target called Soap and Glory. I am a sucker for any designer/beauty product extraordinaire creating ANYTHING cheaper at Target. I rock Isaac and GO International designers on a regular and am rarely disappointed. So obv, I was totally into Soap and Glory. First of all. LOVE the packaging and of Scrub of your Life. It's very Benefit-esque. Any product created by Marcia Kilgore Continue Reading [...]

Pour Some Sugar on Me: Zia Natural Skincare Age-Defying Body Buff

Welcome to Pour Some Sugar on me Week! Isn't fun to have a festive theme on this, the best week of the year--the 2.5 day week preceding Thanksgiving? My weekend was excellent, thanks for asking. I passed on a trip to New Haven to tailgate for the Harvard/Yale game, but in the end, it made sense as I STILL have remnants of the mutant cold virus and didn't think that standing outside to drink in the cold made sense as I was still coughing approximately every three minutes. I saw Lions for Lambs Continue Reading [...]

Body Shop New Sweet Chestnut Body Butter: It’s Like BUTTAH

Don't you miss seeing Coffee Talk with Linda Richman weekly on SNL? Walk with me, let's take a little trip down memory lane to the 90s:I'm pretty sure my vernacular is peppered with "You shouldn't know from it" and "no big whoop" as well as that pursed lips what-are-you-gonna-do face that LR does so well from watching Coffee Talk weekly as an impressionable teen. The Mike Meyers years of SNL WERE the glory years in my profesh opinion.So, would you not agree that if Linda had a beauty blog, she'd Continue Reading [...]

Eastern Standard Time Beauty Sleep Savior: Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo

I don't wash my hair every day. It's on the normal-to-dry side, so I typically wash it every other day. Unless you have excessively oily hair, it's much better for your scalp to shampoo every 2-3 days. But 48 hours after a washing, my hair is dry at the ends and starts sectioning itself into pieces at the top and begins to show signs of oil. So I washed my hair on Tuesday night and would normally shampoo it up last night, but you know. I was watching The Office, winding down after a long week Continue Reading [...]

Q&A: Foil a Flakey Face

Anonymous, who I'm pretty sure is my friend Emily, writes:Q: With the change in weather I feel like my skin is peeling right off my face (and halfway through the day at work I see that it actually is peeling!). What is a good hearty moisturizer I can use, preferably with SPF?A: While I have the opposite problem, I know how to handle this Q as a mere three years ago, my skin was TOTALLY dry. I guess I should be glad that I've had the opportunity to experience all kinds of apocalyptic skins because Continue Reading [...]

Sweater Tights and Stu Girls

I just have to report that I bought a pair of sweater tights that I'm debuting today and I LOVE them. They're so warm and so cute. Purchase some immediately if not sooner.In other news, I was horrified to find out that my friend Z was talking to a girl who is so stu, she actually sent him this text in reference to his request that they meet up for post-work drinks:"I don't know about post work, but I'm free after work!" Really? P.S. Anyone have beauty questions? I feel like channeling E.Jean Continue Reading [...]

None of Your Beeswax

This week SeenON! is giving away over $300 worth of products from Sue Devitt. Sue Devitt's high-performance products are carefully whipped up with specialty ingredients from across the world, many of which help relax, restore, and revitalize the skin. Did you know beeswax enhances your lashes? Sue Devitt does, and has put beeswax into her products to condition and amplify lashes! The giveaway is from Nov. 12 – 18. Registered SeenON.com members – login to the site and be automatically entered Continue Reading [...]

Holiday-Party-Ready Liquid Lipstick

I know lipstick is making a comeback, but it's something I have to ease into. To help with the transition, I employ Elizabeth Arden's High Shine Lip Gloss - it glides on easily and provides richer, long-lasting results as it's more a liquid lipstick than a light, breezy gloss. The Sparkling Ruby color is excellent and makes your pout ready for glammunication under the mistletoe. Or other activities under the mistletoe. I applied some to get myself in the spirit before dining at California Pizza Continue Reading [...]

Under the Weather Skin Perfectors

Hey poodles, (I miss Will & Grace, okay?) How was your weekend? Mine was okay, I spent most of it sitting on my couch watching the Golden Girls Season 1 on DVD, nursing my cold. 11 hours of Blanche's jungle-themed bedroom shots later along with Souper Soup from Sarge's Deli, I ventured out to see Gone Baby Gone (the Ben Affleck flick) with my friends Lauren and Jill. The movie was pretty good, although I think it needed some editing. I still look like hell though, I'm not going to lie. Unfortunately, Continue Reading [...]

Facial Mask, Fresh from the Harvest

I'm SO ready for Thanksgiving. It's my fave holiday. There is no gift giving guilt (hey, I maintain a Manhattan apartment, mmkay?), you get TWO days off from work, it's not bitter cold yet in the Northeast, AND, as the great Carla Tate says on The Other Sister, there are more than TWO desserts. I usually go for one dessert: pumpkin pie. So while it was initially difficult to get used to the pumpkin-pie-custard consistency of my new Zia Exfoliating Pumpkin Mask, it was not difficult to get used Continue Reading [...]