Breaking Fashion News

I've been checking out New York magazine's coverage of Fashion Week and it appears that babydoll dresses are on their way OUT. I'm so excited about this. I'm seeing lots of belted waistlines. Yay. Babydoll and trapeze dresses make me and everyone else I know look as if we're in our third trimester of pregnancy. No thanks. Men everywhere will rejoice. Have you noticed that guys seem to hate excessively: Babydoll dressesCapri pantsUggs (I mean, I agree with that sentiment)LeggingsWeird. Continue Reading [...]

Just Caviar me and Adorn me with Italian Leather. Is That too much to Ask?

I know, CAVIAR? In your SHAMPOO? It sounds decadent as hell, but I assure you, it delivers. I have to add that this is the second zero-sulphate/salt-free shampoo with which I am in lust. I like to switch off between a zero-sulphate, luxurious shampoo/conditioner combo (right now am loving PureOlogy SuperStraight as well) and Nioxin shampoo combined with a Kerastase Mask to deep condition. Back to Alterna. I adore the line's brilliant jewel-tone colors. I mean, look at the bottle. It's very Continue Reading [...]

Last Week’s Happenings

I mean, a full week without a post? You know I was intensely out of service for THAT to happen. First of all, my very good friend Dana's father passed away last week and I had to leave last Thursday night to go to Westchester to be with Dana with my friend A in Dana's time of need. Rick, her father, was actually someone I'd consider a friend as well and his passing was hard on ALL of us (us, being Dana's former college roommates of 3 years). He provided one quarter of my New York surrogate family, Continue Reading [...]

ThermaClear: Face Gadgets that Deliver

You and I both know that products claiming to be "zit panaceas" are as common as teachers and speech pathologists in the New York dating pool. I recently had the opportunity to try out ThermaClear's Acne Treatment Device and it does work, dolls. It's a small, handheld medical instrument that delivers a quick shot of heat to zits, eliminating them in 1/3 of the time (for me). I felt very Jetsons the first time I used it, you have to press on one of the smaller buttons to turn it on and off and Continue Reading [...]

Yet Another Ridic Israel Video

In lieu of a beauty review today (and because I just found out about this video last week despite it occurring on my trip to Israel in February), I've decided to post this video of my friend Jill and me rapping about hummus:This may be the worst I've ever looked (combined lack of sleep with zero time to primp). My hair is in its natural curly state AND in des need of a trim. Not to mention the fact that Brian, the photographer, is all KINDS of up in my face. I believe this is 4 days into our nonstop Continue Reading [...]

Hair Chameleon

So I know I talk about straightening my hair more than Jay Z talks about 1996, but really? If you saw my hair in sixth grade, you'd have to agree that the extra emphasis on DOING something about my haystack mess warrants this much discussion. PS, before former sixth grade classmates blow up my comments with anecdotes about just how hid my hair WAS, let me just say that I KNOW. It was a bad time, mmkay? There were no flat irons. I didn't know I couldn't brush curly hair. I had basically just Continue Reading [...]

Out-White Audrina’s Smile

Can we talk about Speidi for a little baby minute? I can't watch them. Heidi's officially the biggest pushover on the planet. And Spencer just… continues to suck. How passive aggressive was Heidi when she painted over the (disgusting, I admit) graffiti'd walls and chalked it up to being a "surprise"? Just like her surprise engagement ring from a store that also sells handbags, mind you; her surprise grafitti'd walls to BEGIN with; her surprise boob job (the latter I'm assuming is was a surprise Continue Reading [...]


Do yourself a favor and see Superbad immediately if not sooner. I emerged from the theater two hours later with my face STREAKED with Diorshow. From LAUGHING. I must have a teenage boy's sense of humor, because those jokes were SO up my alley. And I officially adore Michael Cera (not in THAT way, in a "why are you such a hilar little MUFFIN" way). Even better: he shares my birthday (albeit 8 years later). I've officially changed the triple birthday (originally for Prince, Allen Iverson and myself) Continue Reading [...]

"Champagne: Perfume Going in, Sewage Going out."

Who can tell me what that quote is from? I've put together a little "survival pack" if you will for when you've raided your work desk's "whore drawer" as my friend L calls it, for a night out on the town mid-week. You awaken with the poise of a startled beetle at 8am and still wearing your "out" clothing and you need to be at work, looking like a normal person who resides in the world… in 5 minutes. Fabulista's got your back, don't WORRY. Here are my fave energizing slash complexion perfection Continue Reading [...]