Glow-y Days Week: ModelCo Tan in a Can

Back to Glow-y Days Week, gals. Last week I plum didn’t have enough time to discuss all the self-tanners I’ve been trying of late due to work constraints and various other projects and my impending trip to Montauk Friday through Sunday (which was FAB, BTW!), but we’re so back in full effect this week!

MODELCO Tan Airbrush in a Can ($28): I adore this product, though to love it, there are a few things to note. Before using it, You MUST shower and exfoliate – within 30 minutes of applying. Also of dire importance: it comes out this Incredible Hulk green shade. Do not be alarmed – a few hours later I had the most gorge golden tan. It dries quickly without streaking, and does NOT have any detectable DHA stench (in fact, it smells of delish cocoa butter).

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Splendid Weekend Reads

From the Splendicity community, comes this week best in beauty, fashion and shopping.


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Wardrobe Oxygen offers some tips for a woman in her ’30s to perform a proper closet clean-out.

The Well-Heeled Society interviews Shoe Designer Mark Schwartz about his journey from being the protégé of Roger Vivier to his website launch of High Heeled Art.

Snarkstress wants your opinion on Jessica Simpson’s latest look: Is she hot…or not?

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Weekend Beauty Reads from The Beauty Blog Network

The Makeup Divasreviews Mac Solar Bits in Black Ore and Scatterrays.

The Daily Cookie is celebrating her first reader newsletter with a GIVEAWAY! Sign up and enter for your chance to win a Kat Von D True Romance Beethoven palette for you and a friend.

A Touch of Blusher tells you where to indulge in beauty retail therapy in London.

Beauty Anonymous reviews Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine SPF 20 Bronzing Powder.

Elke shares how you can get creative with your makeup. Have the makeup? Now what? Read for her fun solution.

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Total Beauty Web Tour

The best of the web from my gals at Total Beauty!
Elke asks “are you on twitter?” Post in her comments and let her know!

Beckie and Jamie at Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog helps you spot fake Tiffany.

Fabulous Over Forty discusses whether beautiful jewlery should be used for cosmetics or not.

Beauty Anonymous reviews Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine SPF 20 Bronzing Powder.

The Muse shares her haul from MAC Colour Forms! Check out product photos, swatches, and an FOTD from this Nordstrom Exclusive Collection!

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Channel a Mad Men Character at Various Price Points

“I feel like I’m stuck somewhere between Doris Day in Pillow Talk and Midnight Lace but what I need to be is Kim Novak in just about anything.” –Joan Holloway, Mad Men

January Jones as Betty Draper. Photo via

This show makes me want to invest in white frilly nightgowns, stat. After watching the entire first season on DVD within one week, I’m starting to wish my life were a little more Madison Avenue and a little less Wall Street. The 60s is my FAVORITE era. You know, like, 1955-1963. Cardigans with impressive little buttons in muted colors, Christina Crawford-esque peter pan collars, tons of red lipsticks and gorgeous liquid black liner that makes every face just a bit more elegant. People aren’t elegant like that anymore. I realize that makes me sound very “get off my lawn,” especially since I wasn’t even alive during that era. But I absolutely adore the aesthetic. I could do without the sexism, the racism, and religious intolerance involved during that time, of course. Mad Men doesn’t gloss over that horrendous aspect of our culture, which is at once sickening and jarring juxtaposed with how far we’ve come today. Even to see the smoking in the office is a wild departure from modern times. I can’t even conceive of it. In honor of the season two premiere slated for this Sunday, July 27th, I’ve compiled my favorite red lipsticks and black liquid liners that recreate so authentically a 60s eye/lip combo a la Betty Draper. Check it.

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Weekly Phenom List: Three Items for Use Post-"Washing That Man Right out of your Hair"

Gals, I can’t help it. I saw South Pacific last night (my parents are in town) and my life is progressing accompanied by its soundtrack. The show was fantastic, by the way. We had seats RIGHT in front. Before that, we noshed on a delish meal at Nice Matin, a French restaurant on 79th and Amsterdam that’s actually owned by the same people who own Marseille, one of my other faves.

Sephora Brand Microfiber Hair Turban ($20): Hair towels are phenom, but you have remember to replace them on an annual basis. My last one’s elastic was totally stretched out and the button used to tie up the ends like a turban, was perilously close to falling off. I love my new replacement by Sephora as it’s reasonably priced, made of thirsty swanky-hotel-robe fabric, and looks luxe to boot. It draws moisture quickly from hair so you can use your extra time to pretend you’re so over that dude.

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Glow-y Days Week: For Bronzed Legs Ready to Rock a Short Power Suit at D&D Advertising

SkinCeuticals Sans Soleil ($28): In the summer I love to rock skirts shorter than those Amanda Woodward wore on Melrose Place. But I won’t dare slip into a short skirt with pasty-white gams. No, no, friends. It’s simply not that kind of party.

I’m self-tanning them up to the max first, and one of my fave options these days is SkinCeuticals Sans Soleil. This is for all you gals who a tan, but hate everything else about self-tanners – the residue, the SMELL, the thirsty-dry skin. This one applies without leaving a film, smells tolerable, and moisturizes. I adore its texture – it absolutely melts into skin. And, it’s substantial (thick) enough to spread easily without worrying about it running. It boasts a pleasant beachy scent. The only thing I don’t love the somewhat hefty price tag (I go through self-tanner like WATER June through September), but the stuff does work.

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Glow-y Days Week: Prescriptives Sunsheen

I adore Prescriptives Sunsheen because it contains SPF 15 – perf for afternoons at the beach when you want a tan, but well – not enough to look like a leather bag. This one will develops into a believable shade by dinnertime. I find the formula is most similar to Darphin Self Tanning Face and Body Tinted Cream – great texture, great creamy caramel color, nice, easy, tinted formula so you won’t channel George Hamilton unwittingly. Fab for the body as well, but I especially love to use this oil-free tinted gem on my face. It holds up well when applied twice a week. Your streak-free tan will develop in three hours and won’t stain your sheets. I love that it’s glitter/sparkle free – who needs that on your face? Not you!

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