The B Soap That Converted Julia From Body Wash

For years, I raged against bar soap. I sat on my body wash high horse, calling everyone stu for liking it.  But I’m here today to tell you, dear readers, that I was wrong.


Herbivore Botanicals Blue Clay Soap has set the bar and shown me the light. This soap is formulated with Cambrian blue clay, a rare clay found in the Siberian lakes, with clarifying and skin balancing qualities. Scented with lemon and lavender, the soap is gentle and non-drying and can be safely used on face and body. It creates such a rich lather that you can even use it as shaving cream.

I’m going to buy one for everyone in my life who I ever insulted for liking bar soap. Which is basically everyone. I know redemption is a long road, but luckily it smells like lemons.
—Julia Casella

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