Fictionary: Dryatus

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I have three recurring dreams. 1. That if I take a street with a name in common with one even countries away, it’ll magically transport you, portal-like, where the other one leads. 2. That I discover fabulous new rooms in my own apartment. And 3. that I have wash-and-go hair that looks just as great as when I spend an hour heat-styling it.

 And so, when the going gets hot, I’ll be on Dryatus. A dryatus is, obv, a hiatus from blow-drying. How is this possible? With LiQWd’s The Perfect Wave, a styling cream that yields glossy waves that would perhaps allow YOU to be the victor of a hair-off with the likes of Gisele Bundchen. Here’s my get-hot-hair easy styling process.

Wash and condition (lately I’m loving Bumble and bumble’s Curl (Care) Shampoo and Conditioner). Towel dry, then comb with a wide-tooth comb to detangle. I then apply a bit of Alterna Bamboo Weightless Whipped Mousse (mousse is better than a volumizing spray when you’re air-drying, FYI) to my roots, some It’s A Ten Miracle Leave-in With Keratin  on my ends.

Next, I blast just the front of my hair (basically just my bangs) with my Dyson Hair Dryer

Then, I apply a quarter-sized dollop of The Perfect Wave (which smells like delicious JUICE!) from my ears down to my ends before separating my hair into about 5-6 sections, starting at the bottom. I then twirl each piece into tendrils, let them air-dry and that is IT, my friends: Easy waves that look better than when I blow out my mane and THEN curl with a curling iron.

I think Dryatus will be a lot more fun than buyatus and guyatus.

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