Resuscitate Your Winter Locks With Alterna Caviar Repair

alterna-caviar-rvbTo all my ladies out there who have been downplaying (or downright hiding) their previously lovely locks due to over-processing or any sort of damage, the day has come to restore your hair health! I’m not one to believe in hair repair, as technically the hair shaft is a chain of dead protein links and thus can’t really be healed or restored, so I was surprised to find that there ARE products that can improve the look and quality of your hair, namely, the Alterna Caviar Repair line.

I am guilty over-processing (can you say balayage addict?), and was afraid I’d have to amputate my limp locks, but, alas, they have been saved! This product (which got RAVE reviews on Sephora’s site) made my hair significantly softer, shinier, less frizzy and break less IN JUST ONE USE. Think texture of hay mixed with cottony frizzies transmuted into strands of silk. This product is no joke.

It’s pricey  for a shampoo/conditioner, but it is WORTH IT if all else has failed to rescue your hair. In fact, if you can’t afford the duo, just get the conditioner, as I think this is really the magic wand of the set. You can just use any gentle shampoo along with it.

I hope this helped any under-the-weather locks out there!

Light and love,


—Catherine Ollinger

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