Leslie Mann’s Pretty Oscars Ponytail


One of my favorite hair looks of the night was Leslie Mann’s voluminous, pretty ponytail. Nexxus New York Salon Care Celebrity Stylist Lona Vigi shares the how-to below.

  1. Start by washing hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner like Nexxus® New York Salon Care DIAMETRESS Rebalancing Shampoo and Restoring Conditioner that increases the diameter of each strand.
  2. On wet hair, create a center part and apply Nexxus® New York Salon Care EXXTRA GEL Superior Hold Sculpting Gel to define the hair around the face and sides for a sleek look. 
  3. Blow dry the hair off the face and spray each section individually with Nexxus® New York Salon Care FRIZZ DEFY Finishing Mist all over to provide humidity-resistance and a natural hold.
  4. Curl the ends with a small barrel curling iron to hold and secure the style during this unusual Los Angeles rain.
  5. Brush out the ponytail and backcomb for fullness.  Finish by spraying with Nexxus® New York Salon Care MAXXIMUM Superior Hold Finishing Mist to provide a defined texture and firm hold that allows the style to stay in place.

Did you love this look or did you love this look?

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