Get Kerry Washington’s Stunning Academy Awards Makeup & Hair Look NOW


In an outcome that surprises exactly no one, Kerry Washington looked positively stunning on at the Oscars on Sunday, thanks to a dream team of makeup artist Carola Gonzalez and hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew. Here, the beauty breakdowns, respectively.


“To prep Kerry’s skin I began by applying Neutrogena’s Hydra Boost Gel eye and face Water Gel. Then I applied Neutrogena’s Shine Control primer on Kerry’s t-zone to tone down shine on skin. Once  fully absorbed, I started by highlighting under the eye area and then applying foundation all over face to even out skin: I used Marc Jacobs’ Beauty Genius Gel Oil free foundation in Cocoa Light.

I proceeded with Kerry’s eyes using Neutrogena Long Wear Nourishing Eyeshadow palette in Cocoa Mauve 40. To recreate Kerry’s look I first applied eyeshadow #2, from palette, all over her eyelid and then applied eyeshadow #1 on the crease of her eyes. I then lined her lower lash line with eyeshadow #4 to add some depth to the eye makeup. I then proceeded to line her upper lash line with Neutrogena Nourishing eyeliner in Cosmic black. I added Velour fake lashes, Complete Me, to lift the eye and applied a few coats of mascara to her upper and lower lashes with Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara in Carbon Black. 

For the cheeks, I chose Neutrogena Healthy Custom Glow Blush & Bronzer in Raisin Glow. I applied it from the apple of the cheek in an upward motion towards the temples.

I wanted to keep the makeup within a pastel palette and went with a light shade of pink: lip liner layered with Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Healthy Peach.”


To get Kerry’s soft lustrous hair i shampooed her with Neutrogena Triple Repair Fortifying Shampoo which makes the hair three times stronger. It was really important that I used the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask to condition her hair because it is an intensive moisture treatment which restores shine and rescues dehydrated hair. Being that Kerry had so many events my main goal is to keep her hair healthy and with the Neutrogena products you can see the results. After I toweled dried her hair I blow dried it with a comb attachment upside down to give her hair extra body and then added a dime size of the Neutrogena Triple Repair Leave-In treatment to protect her hair from the heat and styling tools.

By creating this deep side part on Kerry it was a great way to enhance her tresses. Then I sectioned off her hair in the back and took small sections until I got to the top and smoothed it out with the Sultra Beauty 1 inch Cult Classic flat iron. Then to add volume to her soft sultry tresses I used the Sultra Beauty Bombshell 1.5 inch Rod Curling Iron, and to finish off her look i lightly misted her hair with Oribe Superfine Hair Spray.” 

What do you think of this look on Kerry Washington?

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