Alterna’s New Anti-Frizz Range Is Stellar

I don’t typically think about frizz prevention in the winter months — my wavy/curly combo hair cooperates much better in cooler weather. But when I was invited to try out Alterna’s new Anti-Frizz range with celeb stylist Andrew Fitzsimmons, I was AMAZED at how smooth and controlled my hair looked for FOUR FULL DAYS post-blowout. That is NOT my usual steez, I must tell you.

I can actually feel the difference in-shower; my hair feels smooth, thick, and tamed. Plus, my thrice-weekly BBG workouts have zero effect on my hairline when I use the shampoo/conditioner/hair butter combo and all  I need is a little blast with the blowdryer and some dry shampoo to refresh my hair on my nape.

Another upside? Because we have a bomb cyclone weekly, one must dress as if it’s raining in the days post-storm due to all the melting that’s positively rain-adjacent. This stops any of that from even being a problem.


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