Your New Favorite Balm: Lip Bang's Lip Freak

When my friend Aly went to a natural products expo for work, I was super pumped for all the chocolate she was going to give me. After stuffing my face on the latest snacks (there was a delish salted caramel, think Thin bar, that is coming out soon) I saw a lip balm at the bottom of my bag.


“Are you new? I’m about two ABPR bags away from being put on an episode of Hoarders. Thank you for thinking of me, but you should really give it to your mom or another friend.” Except it’s not a regular lip balm, it’s a cool lip balm. It’s lip-plumping and super super tingly and since Aly has talked me out of getting lip injections many times, she thought I would like it.  As usual, she was right (but really, she’s pretty much never wrong and not in the annoying “I know everything” way but in the “Sorry you’re wrong but I’m actually right” way)


Lip Freak comes in Atomic Cherry, Berry Sinister, Clockwerk Orange and Bubble Trouble. “Freak your lips out” is written on the label and it’s referring to the sting you get from these lip enhancing products, which, as you know, I LOVE. I have Atomic Cherry and it leaves the tiniest (really, it’s so subtle) red tint to your lips while making them big and soft.

I also fell in love with their brand identity. They chose the name Doctor Lip Bangs because “the urban dictionary states that Lip Bang is a term for either a mustache or making out. Both of those things sounded like a good idea at the time. And no, we are not a doctor (but that doesn’t stop us from asking someone we like if we can play one sometimes).”

The balms are 100% natural and made with essential oils but “just because something is healthy and natural, it doesn’t mean you HAVE TO package it in something green, brown or put a leaf on it.”  I couldn’t agree more and I’m so excited to see what they bang out next.

Lip Freak can be purchased on

Would you try Lip Freak?

—Julia Casella

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