Orange you Glad…

My friend Stephanie and I decided, apropos of nothing, that it would be SUPER to hit up Houston’s for an early bird special (5pm, dolls) have two glasses of wine there, and then hit up Cibar and Olives at the Union Square W Hotel for champagne last night. You know, just ’cause. Needless to say, I’m not feeling so spry this Monday morning. When I’m feeling depleted vitamin-wise, and like I’m positively made of Prosecco, I bust out all of my citrus products. Somehow, they make me feel detoxed and ready to face the week. Read on for my faves.

Organic Apoteke Body Cleanse Gel in Sicilian Orange and Mandarin ($33) This luxe body wash forms a rich lather and moisturizes as it cleanses. I feel like I’m walking in the Italian countryside when I squeeze it onto my mesh sponge.

Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser ($28) is straight-up Vitamin C on your skin. Its orange coloring and fragrance impart an aromatherapeutic experience. Can be used daily to restore complexion clarity. In fact, every acne treatment performed in Kate’s clinic begins with Detox Daily Cleanser. Love.

What’s your fave way to detox after a weekend of overindulgence?

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