Fictitious Fragrance Fan: Elle Woods Of ‘Legally Blonde’


We know that Elle Woods’ commitment to fitness is deep and real. But we also know that scent is so vital to her, she spritzed it on her pink resume. It’s also a pretty safe assumption that she boasts a veritable trousseau of lingerie, all of it Hanky Panky. Do you deign to think she donned another brand after spending “those four amazing hours in the hot tub together after winter formal” with Warner? Girl, please.

Her scent? Hanky Panky Eau De Parfum, naturally.


I envisioned she picked it up during a study break at Copley Place. An extension of the brand’s signature lace lingerie, this floral, woodsy musk mix is all about indulging your inner flirt. I’d posit Elle is on a first-name basis with hers.

$25 for the rollerball at


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