Primping All Over The World: Beauty Culture In Spain

Primping All Over The World is a new series featuring beauty customs I learn about in my travels. It’s all very Margaret Mead. 

The contents of my glamenities bag, provided by Iberia Airlines. I wish I could BUY that lip balm, it was so epic. Supe Christy Turlington, whom I had the PLEASURE/DELIGHT of sitting next to, applied it, as well.

En route to Barcelona last week (thanks to Crest for their generous hospitalidad!) in Iberia’s business class (seriously, going back to a tiny tuna-can seat will be much like going back to the farm after Paris), I was surprised to see that my little bag of glamenities provided by the airline contained a mini standard-issue cologne. And so did my room at the beautiful Hotel Casa Fuster. As did the Iberia Airlines lounge at the airport, although it was gigantic. The Barcelona Sephora boasted zero makeup, yet an incredibly robust perfumerie section. El Corte Ingles housed a ton of makeup, however, lest you get worried about how Penelope Cruz sources her stash. I soon realized that scent is DEEPLY importante to the Spanish, much more so than to any other people of any other culture that I can remember.

Have you been to Spain? Have you noticed their perfume penchant? Share in the comments.

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