Review: Haven Spa’s Tequila Sunrise Detox Massage

How’s this for irony: the last tequila shot shot I took was on Marathon Monday (I don’t think I need to stress just how much lighter and safer and calmer that one was compared to 2013’s) in Boston in 2002 partying with a bunch of friends and even my LANDLORD for whose son I babysat while in college. I’ve had little to nothing to do with the stuff (save for the odd margarita; never straight-up) since. Eleven years later to nearly the day two weeks ago, I indulged in Haven Spa’s new seasonal offering, the Tequila Sunrise Detox Massage.

Proof of how old/boring I am now, the stunning juxtaposition of how I used to consume spirits and how I currently do does not escape me. But while I worried I’d leave smelling like the West Village’s Diablo Royale, I actually managed to relax during what can only be described as the most patently unrelaxing week of my life.  This full-body massage incorporates tequila (of course), sage oil and a Latin American healing techniques. Following the detoxification massage, skin is hydrated with an ultra-rich moisturizing cream infused with all natural citrus essential oils to soothe the senses. It’s a blissful 90 minutes for $175 at Haven.

I left feeling rejuvenated and with the famous “Tequila” song in my head. Was even tempted to dance on a bar like Pee Wee.

What’s the wildest spa service you’ve experienced recently? 

Disclaimer: Service provided gratis for editorial consideration. 

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