Hairadise Week: Ouidad Sun Shield Treatment

The Sun Shield in-salon treatment is designed to protect curls from the sun’s damaging rays with a combination of UV filters, conditioners, and glazing to protect color-treated hair. Created to help clients keep their hair and color in good condition, preserve shine and impart sun/environmental protection benefits that last for up to 4 to 6 weeks, it’s formulated with deep penetrating ingredients that include 21 amino acids, proteins and sulfur in a base of an organic clear glaze to help seal in the conditioner and protect from the sun.

So, I’m loving the effects of my treatment yesterday, dolls. The darling Ana painted on the Sun Shield glaze, after which I sat under the dryer with a shower cap for 20 minutes. Then, she blew out my hair taking the top crown sections and looped it in a circle in 3 two-inch sections and clipped it to my head for body before removing the clips and shaking it out. My hair. looks. healthfully phenom, no easy feat since I haven’t had it cut in months. MONTHS.

Ouidad came over to say hi while Ana was painting on the gloss and I told her about how this treatment couldn’t have come at a more convenient time as I’ll be in the Bahamas next week to be in my friend Amber’s wedding. “So you need fabulous hair,” Ouidad noted, correctly.

That I do. I felt it was sort of sacrilegous to have a blow-out in the curl expert’s domain, but I wanted to get a better feel for the condition of my hair post-treatment and I can do that more easily with it straight. Anywho, Ouidad assured me that any negative feelings about blow-outs at Ouidad’s salon are a total misconception. That made me feel better. I was even sent home with a bottle of Ouidad’s Sun Shield Spray-In Conditioner ($20) (left – also called Summer Shield, as it is in this pic) to protect hair from UV rays while I soak up the sun.

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