Queues At The Ready: Black Panther + 3 More Movies Coming To Netflix In September To Add To Your Watch List



  1. Scarface(1983)

Al Pacino, 1980’s Miami, drug cartels… what more could you want. [Arriving 9/1]


  1. The Breakfast Club(1985)

5 archetypal high school students—the popular girl, the jock, the rebel, the outcast, and the geek—find themselves together in detention, and rigid social lines start to blur. This is a classic everyone needs to watch at some point, even just to say you’ve seen it. [Arriving 9/1]


  1. The Cider House Rules(1999)

This coming of age story, based on the John Irving novel, follows Homer Wells as he leaves the orphanage he was raised in to work on a cider farm. Love, crises of identity, and much more follow. The film features a star studded cast: Tobey Maguire, Charlize Theron, Michael Caine, and Paul Rudd. [Arriving 9/1]


  1. Marvel Studios’ Black Panther(2018)

Last but certainly not least, if you somehow managed to miss this juggernaut of a film when it was in theatres (or you simply want to give it another one or five watches) then head over to Netflix this September. [Arriving 9/4]

Read the full list of titles coming to Netflix in September here.


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