Mention My Name At Shobha, Get A Free Upgrade

Hey gals! Normally, I find name-dropping repellent, but when it’s my name and it involves both of us scoring some free services and upgrades, it’s a little less so, dontcha think? To that end, Shobha‘s launched a blogger affiliate program, so when you enjoy a little hairless bliss, I also enjoy some greenbacks in my Shobha account. Everybody wins, n’est-ce pas?

How does it work? All you do is enter my name (Amber Katz) for the ‘where did you hear about us’ question in your initial paperwork at your first visit to any of Shobha’s many locations. Also, get a free upgrade to see a level two (Shobha’s senior level) specialist at your first visit when you drop my name.

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