Living Proof Prime Style Extender Review

By Julia Casella

You know how they say you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping? Well how much time do you spend doing your hair?

Living Proof, known for it’s brainy beauty (it was started by an MIT professor), realized we spend too much time getting ready and not enough time being ready. Live in the moment people! But it’s hard to live in the moment if you are wondering if your ever so time consuming hair style is falling flat, frizzing, or all around coming undone. This is where their new Living Proof Prime Style Extender comes in. Well actually, it comes in before so you don’t have to do anything later. Brilliant. You generously apply it root to tip on damp hair right before you start styling- so it doesn’t replace any of your regular products, it’s just an extra step before you start your routine. Then you blow dry, curl, straighten, crimp (do people still do that?) as usual. The primer’s powers are then evident later in the day when your hair still looks great. The formula protects hydrogen bonds from breaking (this is what causes frizz) and even repels dirt and oil resulting in longer lasting styles and fewer washes–meaning more time to go out and be ready! Or sleep…

Living Proof Prime Style Extender is $20 and available at Sephora, and QVC.

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